16 August, 2007

Happy Birthday!

I can’t believe it’s my birthday today. I guess that means I’m getting older :-)

I didn’t do anything today except shopping and relaxing- any cooking, cleaning or laundry. Of course, it’s my wish not to do anything during my special day.

When hubby got home, we went out for a little celebration, that’s it, a dinner out together. I would have liked a party, but everyone’s busy. Oh, well, what can you do? Hubby brought me a card and one from Jasmine, too. They sang happy birthday and gave me a strudel with candles on. Of course, Jasmine had the honors of blowing out the candles! Leave it to her.

Here are some more pics from my mini-vacation.
Wishing everyone a happy TGIF!

playing by the resthaus

Traffic or stau bad

1st stop change her clothes and just relax

Busy with her movie


Helicopter rides before headinghome


Carlota said...

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Lily Happy Birthday to you.

wala mangatagak mga tiki dira Lily? hehehe.

gwapasila said...

aw! unhan kong dae Carlotz dah..bahala nah "happy birthday to you, happy birthday tou, happy birthday...happy birthday happy birthday Lily ! pak-pak...hugs and kisses.

Rissa said...

agoy nalate man diay ko. happy birthday Li. wish u many more bdays to come and all the best for you and ur family. btw, chk out my blogspot blog coz i got a tag for ya. di lang ko magdugay ha. salamat sa messages. kisses to Jasmine!

Darlene said...

Happy birthday dae lily pasensya na na late akong greet nimo saun gabaktas ra man gud tawn ko wa man koy kariton maong dugay kaayo kong naabot ning imong palasyo.hehehe.
Wishing you more years,good health,
happiness with your family & success in life.

irel said...

Belated happy b-day day lily:) sorry ha nalate ning akoa!!!i wish you good health and love:)

Lily said...

Thank you all ladies for the greetings! truly appreciate your time,and leaving some sweet thougths I wish you all a happy summer time.you all take care and enjoy:-)