18 August, 2007

Happy week-end!

Thank you my Dear Carlota, her surprise present, isn't it so cute.

Liways present before we left there place.

Yesterday went out shopping and roaming around the mall.

Ruby's present

Hubby says Cheers!

On the day of our dinner

Dinner time

Hmm yummy!

Hubby's presents, except the set of plates.

The cake

Blowing the candles

Hello, friends!

Just an update on my Birthday.

I didn’t do much of anything on my special day except relaxing, shopping, sleeping and chatting on the computer until hubby arrived from work and we went out for dinner. I never expected anyone to give me a gift. Except my hubby, he came home with an apple strudel because he couldn’t get a birthday cake without special ordering it and they only do big cakes. I IMMEDIATELY INFORMED HIM THAT I DON’T LIKE IT BECAUSE IT TASTES SO BAD. Anyway, it’s a gift so I should be happy with it. He came into the computer room with Jasmine carrying the cake and singing “Happy birthday, Mommy.” It was so cute and so amazing how she got so excited with the cake. She loves blowing out the candles repeatedly, and sang the birthday song all evening. Then they gave me a card from Jasmine and one from daddy. Hubby originally wanted to give me a rice cooker, but they didn’t have any. Then he was going to give me a deep fryer, some pans, or a vacuum. (Seriously, I have asked for all these things, so don’t blame hubby!) His friends told him not to buy those things because maybe I will think he is telling me to work around the house more. So, he asked me what I wanted. He suggested for me to have a day spa, manicure, pedicure, and massage. When I asked him how much it cost for everything and he said 90 euros, well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. Good thing he was on the phone and not in front of me. I told him just to give me some money and I will choose a gift I like and give it to me for him, hahaha. Besides, the way they do pedicures here; they make your feet look funny, I don’t like it. It’s not like an eagle claw the way they do it and you can’t catch fish that way, in fact it looks more like people feet. What a demanding woman I am.

In the end, he made my wish come true, because when I opened the card from him and Jasmine, there was money in it. I was shocked and at the same time happy. My good friend Liway also gave me a present and Ruby came with her present. Also, I never expected that Carlota would send me a card and a Doll. I love dolls; in fact, I have a collection of them. I was shocked with Carlota’s surprise for me.

Oh yeah, when Jasmine ate strudel, I tried some for the first time ever and found out- I LOVE IT!

Thank you, my hubby for your never-ending love for me. I would like to thank all my friends who sent me gifts, I truly appreciate all your presents they are all very wonderful. I surely love them all. A big “Thank you” of course to my Bisdak family who never forget to greet me and leave their footprints at my site. Of course, a tremendous thank you to Liway and Ruby for your gifts and the time we got to spend together the past couple of weeks. Lastly, to our dear Lord for all the blessings I receive each day.


Vicki said...

ay wla man diay ko ka written greeting nimo...heheheh
pero taas man pod atong ratatatttt
almost 2 hrs, siguro to....lol

ay, kalami or nindot iya gift dira gikan ni carlota....labi na gyd gikan ni palalab uy....
bahine ko bi.....lol

Lily, you know your smile or posed kana diha ka sa table, dinner nyo....you know, when i met you, mao na imo FACE gyd....

cute and gwapa.....dili ni palana ha? really, i say gani ni Malou, nga Lily is really cute and beautiful......

dili ni complemento, kung dili tinood gyd ni.....
i don´t like to say kung dili tinood........

busog gyd ko uy.....

bye and regardssssssss

gwapasila said...

cheers Lily, labay ko diri !

Lolli said...

dae Lily nag enjoy ko sa mga pics labi na kay daghan nagmahal nimo maong daghan ka ug presents :)

Si Jasmin hands up man jud siya soo yummy jud siguro kaayo iyang gikaon hehhehe

Rissa said...

glad to know u had a great time on bday Li. ganda ng mga presents nila for you. nagpaputol diay ka hair? looks good on u. i had fun looking at the pics. thanks for sharing them! u all have a great week and kisses to Jasmine!

robelyn said...

Hallo Lil BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sos nalingaw kaayo ko diri ug basa, sunod man di-ay mo ug birthday sa akong bby girl august 15 sya, thanks for sharing, nakakita di-ay ko atong inyong pictures ni ate malou ug ate vicki, cge lil bye murag late na kaayo, byeee best regards there...

Ylan said...

Hello there madame Lily! :)
grabeh kaau ko kaulahi noh? belated happy birthday! it's good that you enjoyed your birthday with your love ones plus the gifts you received... May God showers you with more blessings! :)

Lily said...

Thanks Bonbon,Lutchi,Lolli,Rissa,Robelyn and Ylan and all the bisdak friends and family for the sweet notes and for remembering my most special day. thank you all for always stopping by and checking on me you all have a great week.