07 June, 2009

A Shopping Adventure

Aloha! Talofa! Mabuhay! Maayong adlaw! Weekend greetings to all of you! I hope that life is treating everyone out there with kindness!

Another adventure this week. Yesterday I went out shopping with some of my friends. It doesn’t sound like much, does it? The adventure part comes with where we went shopping. We went to the Czech border!

We all met up at the local store, and broke into smaller groups for the trip to the border. After settling in and getting breakfast, we started our little voyage. We didn’t eat right away, we drove about an hour first, talking and chatting. I rode with Christy and Luella, what a time we had! When we stopped for a rest break at an A-bahn McDonalds, we dug in and filled our little tummies! Then it was back on the road for another half hour. It was a much quicker trip than I thought it would be.

Cheb is a lovely little town on the German-Czech border. It has lovely churches, a castle, and many other sites to see. It also has the “Dragoun Bazar” and the Asian Dragon Bazaar. These “bazaars” were the real destination of our trip. Vietnamese run the Asian Dragon Bazaar and they will really bargain with you! The selection at both shopping areas is incredible! There was crystal, ceramic, clothing, foods, and about anything else, you could name! There were restaurants for every taste there, as well.

Here I am taking pictures of the dinnerware and myself.

I bought a couple bags. Of course, handbags are a requirement and were the first stop. I got a Chanel bag for me and a “Lesportsac Tokidoki” bag for my little princess. Her bag has the Pirata design on it, which is somewhat cartoony! Great for her to carry and enjoy. I also bought princess some really nice outfits. They even had some shirts with “Hanna Montana” and “High School Musical,” which I just had to get for my little Jasmine. I bought a couple crystal pieces for display. Always a good choice.

Granted, even the “brand names” are often knock-offs, but it’s nice to spend the time with friends and to pick up some things to show where we were. After all, there is nothing like a shopping trip with close friends! I even bought hubby a lighter. I thought he would like to use it, but when he saw it, he said that it’s for display. I thought it said something about Czech, but it turns out that it said Temujin in Czech. It said TieMuzhen 1162-1227, and has art of Genghis Khan on it. Hubby loves the history of the Mongols and considers Temujin an incredible leader. He says that the Mongols actually conquered all the way to Salzburg, and were the largest empire in history!

Hubby and Jasmine stayed home so they could have daddy-daughter day together. They played and watched some DVDs together and went out for pizza and pictures. Hubby worked on some more photos and video from the Asian Pacific celebration. They had a lot of fun over the course of the day, too. I hope that by the end of the week hubby will have finished all the DVDs he’s making of the celebration.

Well, as you’ve probably guessed, it’s time to go. I’ll be posting some photos at, Bavarian Angel, as well as some more photos of the celebration.

I wish all of you a magnificent week ahead. May God bless you with love, joy, and peace!


Rolly said...

kanindot ana Lily, daghan na diri sa ukay ukay ba kadtong giingon nako.

Musta naka?

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Lily said...

Hi Loy,

Di-a ok lang man ko wala lang time mag blogging panagsa na lang gyud ko dinhe maka update. ano siya Loy murag baclaran style pero dili siya ukay ukay, anyways salamat sa duaw ha. you take care and enjoy this lovely summer.