31 May, 2009

Party Time!

Aloha! Talofa! Mabuhay! Maayong adlaw! Warmest Greeting to everyone out there!

Yesterday was a nice day! We had a big get together. A friend, Cheryl, is moving to Hawaii, and yesterday was her going away party. It was also her baby shower, as she is pregnant with twins! Going to Hawaii is a big blessing and joy, but being pregnant really makes it special. It was also the birthday party for Miss Bernie’s twins. They are such a handful for her, but you can see how great she is with them. They even learned all the moves from the Asian Pacific Heritage dances.

Jim and Cheryl’s hubby, Ron, ran the grill and cooked up such wonderful meats. There was chicken, pork, pork belly, bratwurst, and the list goes on. Everyone brought something to eat. I brought rice and bico. There was potato salad, mac and cheese, vegetable platters, salad, corn, and so much more! It truly was a feast.

Of course, the best part was all the friends and fun. Hubby, Jim, and Dave spent a lot of time together. Hubby said he told them some jokes and they talked about grilling. Hubby spent the biggest part of his time watching and taking pictures. Jasmine, our little princess, was so happy! She loves the twins and had so much fun being with them. She also loved hanging out with Joy, Heather, Kayana, and the big girls. The girls were so nice to Jasmine and made her feel so nice playing with her and all the other kids! I’d like to thank them all for being nice and playing so well together!

Hubby even had a couple beers! That’s unusual for him. But, it was a nice place and a nice time with such wonderful folks. Jasmine broke out into dance when they played the song “Umbrella,” by Beyonce. It was so cute! One of the guys gave her a dollar tip for dancing and entertaining them. It was silly and at the same time so cute!

Finally, the big moment arrived! First, the boys “blew” out the candles, and then it was gift time. They were excited with every gift they received. It was magic to see! Then it was Cheryl’s turn. She and Ron seemed so happy. It’s a bit sad to see a friend go, but it’s nice to see them going somewhere so nice and with so much ahead of them!

We cleared out about 7:30 in the evening. It was chilly for most of the afternoon, but we had so much warmth, sharing our time and friendship.

Well, hubby fixed up some pics. I’m posting a couple now, and the rest will be posted later. I'll also post this same one at Bavarian Angel.

Posing on the play bridge.

Cheryl and hubby. Congrats!

Miss Bernie and the twins. Happy birthday, guys!

The gang!

The girls in the group.

Wishing you the very best and looking forward to your comments. God bless!

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