06 December, 2008

Our Week. Cheerleading, yeah!

Greetings to everyone out there! It’s time for another update on this blog of mine. It’s Christmas time and that means holiday cheer and our little girl’s adventures in life.

Our little princess and ballerina joined peewee cheerleading. The first day in cheerleading was a very exciting day for her. She met new friends and saw new faces, and I met new moms and as well as a couple from the ballet class of our little girls. They truly enjoyed the first day and learned two cheerleading songs. It was great that they memorized them so quickly.

These past few days kept our household very busy, as we went to many activities going on our community. Yesterday was the annual Christmas tree lightning, plus Santa visited and listened to the children’s wish lists. They also had the Parsberg symphony orchestra. It was a very special event, we enjoyed the whole time we were there, especially our princess Jasmine. She got to see Santa twice already. Of course, she seems so happy to tell Santa her wishes for this year. After the Santa pictorial, we headed to the concert. We were a bit late, but it’s ok, we still got to see the amazing concert. The orchestra really impressed me, and I shot video of most of the concert. Even though my hand was sore from doing video, I still made it until the end before my camera battery died on me. Lucky enough that I got 1 GB, on my camera, to allow for longer videos. I am going to share some of the videos, but hopefully you guys won’t mind the blur and shake. Jasmine kept bothering me and plus my hand was sore already from holding the cam. Next time I should bring tripod, it would help me.

This weekend we plan to attend the b-day party for our friend’s daughter. Actually, it would be two b-day parties, but we can only attend one party. They held them at the same time and the same day. Plus, hubby has to study a lot for a big test next week. That means he has no time to go around these days.

The weather this week has been screwy. One minute it’s snowing, then sun, then clouds and rain. I’m glad I don’t have to spend too much time outside! Hubby did some time outside trying to fix the car. It runs and is good, but the battery died and he had to get it jumped. Now he bought a battery charger that you charge and keep in the car for emergencies. I’m glad he got it. With this weather, it’s a good idea.

Hubby starts his vacation next Monday! That means I’ll get to work a little extra. He’s somewhat scared; everyday will be daddy daughter day! I wonder what kind of adventures they’ll have while I’m at work. I’ll keep you informed.

Well, that’s enough rambling for now. Don’t forget to visit Bavarian Angel to see the video and some pics!

Have a great week, God bless you with a great week and plenty of great weather!

At the tree lightning ceremony.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi lily,

bali nakong lantaw diri, naabot ko sa dec.2007.....lol

kanind0t sa imo blog, i like the colors too, clean kaayo, hapsay sa mata.

nindot gyd kaayo mogama si carlota sa?



Lily said...

Mao gyud basta si Carlota kudos gyud ko ani niya.
Salamat sa pag duaw sa akong payag.

Maayong pasko kaninyo dinha sa manhiem.

rissa said...

ka cute ninyong duha ni Jasmine Li oi. ibog ko ana imong kalo da, haha! itsa unya na dri nako inig di naka ganahan, haha! joke lang bitaw oi. wa man koy angay magkalo. anyway, salamat sa pagbisita sa akong blog ha. sus daghan kaau ko kabisihan dri oi. la pa gani ko kabalot gifts, haha! lisod na kay kabalo na mobasa c aj masakpan na ta. adto sya sa iyang apuhan gipangchk ang mga gifts. ingon sya naa daw iya didto, haha! pastilan. cge mobasa pa ko sa uban.