30 November, 2008

A big Thank you to Carlota!


Good day to all. It's been a busy weekend. Yesterday, I went to work as usual, and it wasn't too busy. I think everyone is recovering from their feasting.

Hubby and Jasmine picked me up. They were a little late, but they arrived and we went home. When we got home, hubby surprised me with a night at our favorite restaurant. We had a nice evening eating our favorites and chit chatting about all kinds of little things. Jasmine got a little hyper, but did ok.

After our fun filled evening we went to bed and got some good sleep. This morning we got ready and went to Parsberg to see the fest, but they were finished and we didn't get to see anything. We did drive around a bit and find a couple places to take some pictures. All in all, a nice weekend and some good family time!
In addition finally done with my Christmas tree with the help of our little Princess.

I'd like to offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks to you, Carlota. The web layout and header are so amazing. You have done so much for my blog and really inspired me to pursue it even more. Again, thank you.

Finally done with our x-mas tree

Well, I'll let you go for now. Have a great week! God bless you all!


grace said...

wow nman sa amin nkatayo na kaso my daughter grab it all the time kaya diko pa inaayos pinag uumpog na nga hayun nababasag na lahat ng nkasabit pasaway c nicole haha nmitas na ng apple yung baby ko sa tree nmin

marykay said...

Hi Lily, I you had a good thanksgiving. I like your Christmas tree my dear and your family pic. Your daughter has really grown since I visit you here! You do have a nice layout here...! Take care and have a happy Christmas season with your lovely family...!

Ethel said...

dae Lily nice kaayo imong xmas tree akoa wala pa jud naka napa tindog gi tapols jud kog maayo uy hhehe
nice kaayo imong header gwapa kaayo imong bebe girl :)

irel said...

maayu paka maam natukod na imong malipayong christmas tree ako ani ambot lang.. basin ug di nalang ko magbutang oi kapoy kuha sa storage room unya kapoy pod hipos lol.. ako hunahuan kung gusto jud tree ning akong mga bagtus naa mann toy decorative nga plastic tree mao nalnag siguro nakaong kalingawan hahahah nahala tc mwah

Lily said...

@Grace,Marykay,Ethel and Irel salamat kaayo sa inyong manindot nga commento sa akoa blog, pero kini akong blog na gwapa ni tungod ni Dae Carlota,I owe her a lot for her hardwork on making my blog beautiful.

Once again thanks for always passing by my place. Take care and have a great week-end.

God bless.

Maayong pasko kanatong tanan og manigong bagong taon.

carlota said...

mustamus amiga... haayyyyy ako wala pa tawon naka pa barog sa among xmas tree wala jud koy spirit of xmas ambot. hehehe.

Anyway- you are always welcome. And thank you for appreciating my works. Hugs!

rissa said...

kagwapa sa imong Christmas tree Li oi. as in neat kaau. nahan ko. gusto ko ingon ana unta traditional tree ba pero magpalahi man jud c Art, lol! na cge nalang pod. merry christmas ninyo dha. wala pa naprint akong cards oi ambot makasend pa ba ko ani. pastilan nalang jud. cge Li au-au mo dha.