10 November, 2008


Aloha! Greetings to everyone out there!

How was everyone's week? Mine was busy. Friday was Jasmine's ballet recital, and last Thursday was Halloween, so we were running! I managed to tell the tale of Pirate Princess Jasmine and her Halloween adventures, now it's time for the story of ballerina Jasmine.

All week long, she was so excited to be the star of her ballet. She couldn't wait to be on the stage. She's not like daddy, who hates getting in front of groups, she's a little spotlight lover. She practiced her ballet steps and went to her rehearsal like a good little ballerina. She worked extra hard to be the star of the night.

Friday, the big day arrived with no troubles. First hubby got his haircut, and then came family portraits. Jasmine laughed so much and had such fun with the photographer. She seems to be a natural model. Then we had lunch and did a little shopping. Finally, it was time to get ready.

I got Jasmine showered and cleaned. Daddy cleaned himself up without my help! Then with time to spare, I did Jasmine's makeup. (And my own, too.) Daddy hustled us to the car. So far, everything was going according to plans.

We arrived and started to get ready. I changed Jasmine into her costume and chatted with some of the other moms. Daddy wandered around taking photos, of course. We were getting our dolls ready for their big day, and hubby’s off taking pics. I guess it’s true that mom’s want everything perfect and daddies want to get the memories right. Honestly, I appreciate him taking all the photos he does, it provides stuff for scrapbooking and albums, so Jasmine will have memories of her younger days. And I can pass them on to you through this great world of blogging!

After getting everyone ready, a photographer took some portraits of each girl, and a class portrait by class groups. All the little princesses looked so sweet! Everyone was excited and nervous. It was quite noisy and wildly busy.

Wow, this is getting long!

We all sat down, as Miss Jodi made some announcements and the show began. Hubby had staked out an area to take photos during the show. I was manning the video camera. The lights dimmed. The music rose. Miss Jodi narrated the story being danced. Out came the dancers in costume. WHAT? Overcoats on ballerinas during a show? Oh, wait, it’s part of the dancing. Oops, never mind. As they took off the coats, the girls revealed a beautiful costume that really was part of the dance! As the evening progressed, we both were enjoying our roles and the beauty of these sweet little girls giving their all to the audience. You could see how hard they had worked and practiced. It was amazing.

Finally, it was time for Jasmine’s group, the 4 year olds to perform. Miss Jodi had them lined up and started marching them out. Jasmine was in the middle. Suddenly one of the girls said “Hi!” It was so cute. Wait, OH NO, now Jasmine was doing it. AAARRRGGGHH! Jasmine was saying hi to… mommy! Then she played peek-a-boo while doing her dancing. Then she traded places with the first in line during a spin! Wow, what a show. Hubby managed to photograph her antics and I got it all on film. All the girls were saying hi to their moms and everyone tried to dance the way they had practiced. The entire audience loved it! Seriously, though, all the girls in her group did such a great job, even with the distractions. I was so proud of all of them, especially Jasmine.

As the recital progressed through the groups and their dances, I was impressed not only by the girls dancing, but by how hard Miss Jodi had worked to teach our girls and put this show together. This show would never have been possible without her caring, her commitment, and her hard work. The love the girls have for her is a statement of what a great teacher she is. I’ll be dedicating a post to her later.

After all the performances, their was flowers and certificates for the girls. The night finally ended, and the magic spell was washed away by the swirling of the dancers. We mingled and shared our congratulations and small talk. We went home and relived the night in our hearts. Jasmine was, and still is, so proud of her hard work and time on the stage. So are we!

Here's a pic of her certificate

Well, I’ll let you go for now. Look for the photos on Bavarian Angel and my Bravenet blog

Have a great week! God bless and thanks for visiting.


rissa said...

ah, the joy of having a girl. igo nalang ko ibog ani, lol! that is so sweet. it reminds me of AJ playing tee-ball. pag naa sya sa field mosyagit pa hi, mommy! lol! way labot c daddy sa hi c mommy ra jud, lol! it's really sweet. the joys of motherhood ika nga.

Lily said...

@Rissa true the joy of being a mother gyud walas katumbas bisan sa unsa pa man.I wish for a boy too hopefully makahimo pa bisan isa na lang hahaha. anyways thanks for dropping by and for the sweet comment's about our little ballerina.

Just prayed maybe and wish that someday youll be having a girl too.

Take care always.

stevevhan said...

hi care to link exchange?