20 July, 2008

Week-end escapades!

Aloha to all my friends; online and offline,

It’s been a while since my last update. I’m sorry for the slow updates, being a working mom is no easy task. After a while, you figure out time management, but I’m still learning. I do enjoy both work and taking care of our family, though. I figure that’s a big reward, when you can enjoy what you’re doing. And, I am proud to be doing both.

Well, enough about that. Last weekend started slow. Hubby was off so we all spent some time together. Saturday was a slow day. Sunday we went shopping at the mall. I managed to get a printer and some printing supplies. I was all set to print up a batch of printers, when hubby discovered the printer was the wrong voltage. That figures, hubby picked the wrong one! Yes, it was hubby who picked it. Oh well, we managed to pick up some other things we needed, so it wasn’t a wasted trip.

Monday the girls got together. We decided to on bowling, as they have a $7.00 per person special. That’s for the whole evening! We really enjoyed bowling and eating. It was our quality time chatting and just hanging out together. No hubbies, just the girls and kids. After bowling, we said our goodnights and went home, tired from bowling. It’s always a treasured memory when friends can get together and do something fun. Bowling, picking fruit, swimming, or having a party, it’s always the being together that makes the memory a treasure.

I just want to thank Rachelle for being so generous. I really like her attitude, she‘s very friendly and sweet. I also want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all my friends, for all the fun time we spend together, you guys are amazing. And, of course, I would like to thank my online friends. Your visits to my place, even when I haven’t updated, are really special to me also. You’re always there to visit me. I hope that my posts are something you enjoy!

Well, I’m off now. I have to go to Chelsea’s birthday party. Poor hubby, left alone again. I think he secretly likes it, because he doesn’t complain and tells me that I deserve a break. Anyway, I’ll have some photos from bowling and the party at my other blog, Bavarian-Angel, tomorrow.

Keep the visits and comments coming. I love when you add your comments about my posts. It helps me to write a little more tailored to your interests and lets me know where I need work. God bless everyone out there with joy and a great week ahead.



lolli said...

dae Lily muzta naman diha
agoy busy pod diay kaayo ka ingon ana jud basta naa work :)

nah, sori sad kaayo nga karon ra sad ko nagpakita dire shalan man nga igo ra ko taman sa update sa akong blog.

Diay dae Lily gi add na tika, buzz lang sa akoa anytime oki doki. CIAO

Lily said...

Moa gyud ako ani busy pero atleast naa gihapon time sa akong DD,prehas na gyud ta ani Dae Lolli, Im sure ikaw dinha busy pa labaw nako.

Na ok ra na oi ako sab bitaw panagsa lang ka blogging sa karon.
sure gyud I will buzz u gyud one of this days.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

twinks said...

Hello musta na dae. Oi ako pud lagi ngkabuang ang offline life. dili na kaayo ko kablog hop. Naa man gud ko diri Pinas, ulirang ina at asawa na.. hehehe.. ani jud ning busy nata..syempre mas unahon ang family bago ang blogging.. don't worry dae kasabot ko kay inana pud akong life karon.. hehehe ayo ayo :]

Lily said...

Hello Dae Twinks naa diay ka sa pinas, hala ka oi kanindot nimo lingaw kaau ka dah. salmat sa duaw ha very much appreciated sige ingats dinha and enjoy while in pinas.

Have a great thursday!

Rissa said...

hi Lily! ka enjoy ninyo oi. dri sa amo wala na kaau get togethers sa mga friends namo kay dagko naman gud ilang kids mga binata't dalaga na so no more kiddie parties, hehe! anyway, i like the bowling idea. c art cge panghagad og bowling moapil daw mi sa bowling tournament maau ra ba og hawd ko, lol! anyway, i will visit ur other blog to view some of ur bowling pics. by the way, thank u very much for visiting my blog ha and for leaving comments. i really appreciate it. i know ur busy pod dha kay gawork man diay ka. ako sa balay ra pero busy pod sa mga bogoy lagi nako. u all take care and kisses to Jasmine.

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