10 July, 2008

Life in Hohenfels, Germany.

Here in Hohenfels, Germany, life is OK. Hohenfels is in the Oberpfaltz part of Bavaria. It's beautiful here. The town is small, the people friendly, and the surrounding area is absolutely gorgeous!

Greetings to everyone. I introduced this post with a note about Hohenfels, because I didn't post yet about our Hohenfels visitor.

As many of you know, I have posted some pictures here of our little village. Hohenfels has some tremendously picturesque and quaint locations to get some good photos. Well, back in February, after a round of photos, I got a comment from someone named Art. He asked for some pictures of the village and his old hang out. I was really glad to hear from someone who was here 40 years ago and was reading my blog.

After a couple more photos and posts, I got a comment from him saying that he was going to vacation here this year! "That," I thought, "is amazing! I hope he's not coming over just because of my picture!" Well, I realized that after 40 years, the heart misses places it remembers. Events become a part of us, as do places, so he most likely wanted to see into his past and show his heart that its memories were real. I have been known to feel like that about the Philippines, so I understand.

Well, I didn't think much more about it, except to feel glad that I had been able to be here to show him some nice pictures. One Saturday in June, Jasmine and I were outside waiting for that eternal slowpoke that is hubby, to get out and go for a walk with us, when a stranger came up and told me he knew me and said my name. I was shocked and thought, "Who is this stranger, and why does he know my name?" He was so nice and introduced himself as Art.

I was shocked to finally meet this man who had left such nice comments on my site and who had come here to touch his past. We had been conversing some time, when hubby finally dragged his B**T out of the house and said hello. We all spoke for a while and hubby took a couple photos. (He almost lost them! How can that happen? Doesn't he know how to important protect things like that?)

Well, after spending some time in pleasant conversation, Art and his wonderful wife had to get back to their hotel in Regensburg. We said our good byes, and as I watched them drive off, I was left with such a wonderful feeling of happiness. I had written something about my life and it, in turn, had brought someone in touch with their happy memories of the past.

Wow, life throws these little adventures at you, and always uses them to gift-wrap a little lesson or thought as an added bonus. I hope to hear form Art again, and would like to wish him and his family the best!

Art, his wife, and me.

Jasmine saw us posing and insisted on being in the shot!

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with everyone.

To all of you reading this- thank you and thank you for your comments. I'll be at your blogs and hope you'll keep reading and commenting!


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hello lily,
tinood gyd na lily, abi nimo ako pod mahilig ug suroy-suroy kung makalugar ug duna oras.

then i met-surf some site na sa amoa or sa hometown or any nga part sa atong past, madasig gyd ta.

malipay ko magbalik-balik ug basa ug usahay lagi mohilak....lol

mao nga sa akong site, kini

Kathy´s blog,....birthplace ni bernie....tapos napics, nya ang house sa iya lola nga dha gyd siya natawo, kay wa pa man ospital or di sa ospital manganak.

dr. ness....dumaguete, mao nga malipay ko makabisita sa iyang blog, kay feel nako sa dumaguete, labi na iya mga pics. makita nako.

so pareha aning imong post karon...

nice nagkita mo....

wish pod mi, someday si Kathy moari diri balik sa place sa lola ni bernie,someday daw, magmeet mi.

ki dr. ness, kung mouli ko sa amoa pod...

see....World is very small ra gyd.......saying pa, magkita gani kono ang Luwag ug Isda.....Tawo pa kaha?

thanks for sharing your post, lily,

sigi, bye and au-au.......

diay, kung need kapa ug card, call me ha?-----

Lily said...

Hi Vickie,

THanks for a very sweet message. yap its always a pleasure to meet someone through cyberworld. and touching there past that I had written for myself. its amazing and at the same time wonderful feeling.

Na sige Vicks call ra niya nako ka ha, take care sa kanunay og salamat sa duaw,maayo kay di naka busy karon ako ani ok lang man sab akong schedule usahay busy usahay dili sab.

Enjoy the rest of the week my friend,


Anonymous said...

That's great that you had the opportunity to do this. It's always nice to help someone remember their happy times.