09 March, 2008

Photos of 2nd day ballet class!

Their 2nd day at ballet class.

They're getting better

They're learning fast the steps

Small duck feet

Big duck feet

Hula hoop games

Eager to have their hula hoops
Basketbal hoop

Basketbal hoop learning games

Aloha everyone.

I just wanted to share some pics of our little girl’s 2nd session of ballet class. What can I do? I am one proud momma of our little girl. I won't say much, except thanks to everyone for continuing to visit my place. I truly appreciate all your visits.

I wish you all a great time with your family and friends this coming week.
Take care always.


1 comment:

Daf said...

hi mommy lily, wow ka enjoy sa pics ni jasmine, gwapa jud na bata liwat sa mommy unsa pa. hehe!
anyway salamat kaayo sa pag bisita nimo sa akong blog. bisan busy ka adto jud gihapon ka sa blog nako . really appreciated u so much. thanks for your thoughts. God bless u and ur family. mingaw na btaw ko tabi nimo. sige out nako. pa kiss kay jasmine.