11 March, 2008

3088 and RealRank

Aloha, everyone.

3088, that's my Real Rank according to Izea ranks newest tool for rating blog rankings.

RealRank is a new tool from Izea that ranks your blogs according to traffic. It's not like Google, where they rate you based on links.

I'll still try to keep my PageRank, but given time, I think RealRank from Izea will be far more honest. It will also give results that are more realistic. When your results reflect the traffic through your site, not links, a more accurate indication of a blog's popularity and influence is obtained.

I've been with RealRank for about 3 weeks now, and have found that my site is performing far better than my PageRank indicates. My traffic isn't that high, but the people who I'm trying to share this little collection of adventures with have been visiting quite consistently. Really, is there more a blogger could ask for?

I'm hoping that as my daughter progresses through her ballet lessons, and I start posting more of her adventures with dance, my ranking will increase. Thanks to Izea Ranks, I can get a better view of where I stand in the blogging world. It lets me see anywhere from the last 7 days to the last year to see how my blog is trending, which helps me know which posts are better and which tend not to be viewed as much. This helps my blog reflect the things I wish to share with those important to me with less hit and miss.

In addition, hey, it only takes a couple steps to be up and running. I only tried them when hubby pointed it out, so he had to get me going on it. If he can do it, anyone can. Start by checking out their website, Izea Ranks. I think you'll find their system to be just what the doctor ordered, I for one did.

Moreover, they even offer a newsletter listing the top 100 blogs. You can compare your site and see where you stand. It's the perfect tool for posties everywhere. What are you waiting for; get your blog rank now.

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Anonymous said...

hello sister yeah i was happy to see your little princess learning ballet ...did you know that ballet is the highest rank in terms of dancing......so im proud to have a nephew..imported pa gyud....its me auntie lorena