10 December, 2007

Week-end escapades!

Hello, peeps! How is everyone doing? I’m doing ok, as you’ll see while you read this post.Friday we went out shopping for our Christmas present for our Jasmine, we looked for something special, but wound up with clothing, toys, and books that she likes. Of course worked and Hubby had to watch Jasmine.
The poor guy, he worked 12 hours, then had to watch the little Princess.

Saturday we went to a birthday party our friend’s daughter, who just turned three. It was a long drive just to attend a party, but we had fun and Jasmine was having a blast playing. It was like an indoor amusement palace. It’s huge inside the area and has a place for parties and snacks while watching your kids running around the place. We stayed until they announced closing time. The kids couldn’t get enough of it, especially Jasmine. She didn’t want to go home :-) I can't blame her, though, cause it was fun; even I became a kid while playing with Jasmine. We went home so tired;
I had no more time to do blogging. Especially since I was wrapped up in that insanity that is PBBCE2.Sunday it was the usual going out again. This time we visited the biggest Mall in our local community here in Germany. We bought some stuff for Jasmine and Hubby. Hubby is addicted to Deadwood and Rome. And let’s not even mention South Park. Why does he like these shows? They’re not cool like PBBCE2. We went home late again. Jasmine fell asleep while going back, so when we arrived she couldn’t sleep. I wound up staying up so late with her, that I decided to call Carlota. We talked for about half an hour, then Jasmine wanted to join our conversation, so I let her talk to Carlota. They had a little chat, and Jasmine sang Merry Christmas to Carlota. Carlota had fun listening to her cute little voice. Anyway, it was a good Sunday, as we had the chance to spend our family time.

This afternoon we went to see the tree lighting in our community. We also went to see Santa and get a picture afterwards. Luckily, this time Jasmine was in the mood to sit in Santa's lap. But she wouldn’t say anything to him. Oh, well, what can you do? After that, we had some sandwiches and went home.

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Norm said...

wow! ka enjoy sa inyong week-end diha dae lily! regards ko sa inyong santa diha ha...perfect Christmas at may bonefire pa...