16 December, 2007

Happy Week-end!

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Aloha, my friends! Good morning and happy third Advent Sunday!

Here I am again sharing some of our weekend activities.

Friday I stayed home, did some errands, and finished my household chores. I received a package from my dear friends Marrietta. She sent some lovely gifts from home in Hawaii. To Marrietta and her hubby, Bill, I send my heartfelt thanks for all you mean to us and do for us. Watching my favorite teleserial ng totoong buhay. I guess you all know that I am hooked on it. My favorite is PBBCE2.

Saturday I went to work, it was somewhat busy at work because of payday. I love it when it’s payday, so many people doing their grocery shopping. It means a lot of work for us; I love it when we are busy because the time is moving fast. I made quite enough for that day. After work, I hurried home to take a shower and get dressed up. Hubby’s company had their Christmas party last night. They held it in our town’s activity area, right across street and up the hill. I got to spend time with hubby’s coworkers and their wives. Jasmine had fun with Stephen, the son of one of hubby’s coworkers, and Masha, the daughter of hubby’s boss. They had fun running, playing, and of course dancing on the stage. Jasmine loves playing with Steven. I guess Jasmine found him cute :-) hahaha. Of course, when Santa came, the real “fun” began. Jasmine didn’t want to be with him, but she sat there for the gift. She didn’t even smile or tell him what she wants.

Anyway, to make this update short I finally resized a few pictures from our weekend. I hope you all have a happy weekend with your family and friends.

To all my online friends, I just want to say I am so sorry if I haven’t had a chance to visit each one of your blogs lately. I’ll try to visit each one of you when I get a chance.



shoshana said...

I know whatyou mean...so you have two blogs now?

My blogs: Just Say These Words

A Book By Accident

Norm said...

Hi Lily! ganda ng pics nyo sa slideshow...nag enjoy ang daughter mo talaga sa party...

Rissa said...

pareha ta ani Li busy pod kaau bisan dri ra ko sa balay. anyway, i enjoyed viewing all the photos you shared here. kagwapa nalang jud ni Jasmine oi. dako na jud sya Li. murag enjoy jud mo sa inyong party. thanks for sharing the pics. salamat pod sa pagbisita sa akong blog ha. i appreciate it. u all take care and enjoy the holidays!