21 November, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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It's time to pause and give thanks for all we have. Thanksgiving is a time to "express our grateful acknowledgements to God for the manifold blessings he has granted us." to quote George Washington.

Remembering the meaning of the day, I'd like to give thanks to the lord for the following; our family, our friends, you guys, steady work, freedom, and the countless bounties placed before us by the steady and divine grace of our lord.

While we will be feasting on turkey and all the trimmings associated with the traditional holiday, we will be pausing to give thanks, an undying gratitude that we feel in our hearts. Of course, during the course of the day we will be eating, singing, and rejoicing as well. Gratitude always enjoys the company of mirth.

Enough preaching. We wish you and yours a bountiful and Happy Thanksgiving.


Rissa said...

happy thanksgiving ninyo dha Li. kisses to Jasmine!

Carlota said...

Happy Thanksgiving ninyo dae Lily. have a great one.

MariK said...

Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family Lily! Have fun with your lovely baby girl and keep warm!

Ladynred said...

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you dae Lily and your family. Thanksgiving pod diay sa inyo?
Tagging you in my blog.

MariK said...

Hi Lily dear, did you cook alot this thanksgiving? I hope you had a happy one with your loved ones...thanks for your greeting and have a happy happy weekend!