17 November, 2007

Winter snow! winter excitement of Jasmine!

Getting ready for playtime outside

She just loves this snow!

My very excited little girl!

Still can't get enough out of it!
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Thank you all for keeping me company in this blogging world! Carlot's thank you for everything you did in my blog, you rock Carlot's! I owe you so much for this beautifull place of mine. you all take care and enjoy the week-end stay warm and drive safely.



MariK said...

Wow, it snows a lot where you live! I can imagine the fun your daughter has...hehee..too cute!! Do you celebrate Thanksgiving there? I know not the same day here but maybe another day. Thankgiving here is on Thursday. So anyway my dear, have a happy week with your family..

Rolly said...

Pagkalingawa sa babaye oy, sige gyod gadula, ibog man lang ta, wala pa diri sa amoa Lily, kung naa gani, dili ing-ana kabaga