21 September, 2007

What A busy week!

Guten Tag! Hello, how are you guys doing? I've been busy all week long, with hardly any time to update my journal.

Jasmine and I have spent almost every day at the park the last week. The weather has been chilly but nice. Whenever it gets sunny, we go. Believe me, nothing makes her tired when it comes to the park. After our playtime, we always go to Burger King for a snack or just roaming around to kill the time.

Last weekend we decided to see the cave, just outside of the town of Velburg. It’s great to head out while the sun is shining, the weather is great for outdoor activities, and we have the time to spend together. So, off we bundled with our friend Ruby. We arrived there a little tired because we had to walk about a kilometer to reach the area. It was supposed to be a Kinderfest and there were some activities going on for kids.

We signed up to tour the limestone caves, so when finally the tour guide announced the start of the tour, we were ready to do a little jig. It was very tricky inside, and wet too, a very amazing place to discover. James hit his head while trying to catch up with Jasmine. He hit it pretty hard. But, he only got a bruise and small cut on his head. The bad thing was that it jammed his neck in the process. It still hurts now. Good thing his head is extremely hard. (He’s testa dura like me!) The cave was a marvel to see. Some of the limestone had formed deposits shaped like Buddha, Neuschwanstein, and other buildings and outlines. Anyway, Jasmine enjoyed it until another little girl had a flashlight and she saw it. She tried to commandeer the light! What a brat! We still managed to have fun and she did enjoy playing with some kids around the sandbox. (The water cooler for kids?)

I mentioned previously my new part time work. It’s quite an experience for me, tiring but rewarding at the end of the day, especially when there’s so many customers doing their shopping. It’s a good feeling when you earn money on your own. At the same time spending time outside without Jasmine tagging along is like a cool breeze in the summer. Not that I don’t want my baby, I just wanted to contribute and spend some me time. What better way?

Anyway, I won’t take so much of your time. I attached some photos from the last couple weeks. Hope you enjoy them.

Here’s wishing you all a pleasant, colorful, and enjoyable autumn day!


Carlota said...

busy-ha man jud diay ninyo. nag enjoy jud mo da. great pictures as always!

hala pastilan pagka bungawon man jud nako dae Lily oi. hagbay ra man diay to nako nadawat ang kuarta ug segi ko kalimot ug ingon nimo na nadawat na nako. sorry kaayo unsaon man ni imo miga na tigulang naman tawon dili na kahinumdum. ingats muaaah.

Happy Fall!

Cornucopia Chronicles said...

musta day lily????part time na pud di-ay ka????

same ta ako pud hehehehehe...

guapa kaau moha anak uy...

lovely photos


gwapasila said...

I enjoyed the photos Lily, happy Tuesday!

Rissa said...

tugnaw na diay dha Li? dri init pa man oi. nice kay naay cave dha duol ninyo. very nice. love the photos. murag enjoy kaau c Jasmine. naa na diay ka work? good for u. akong income ni blogging ra, lol! ok dri nalang ko kutob. u all take care and have a great day! kisses to Jasmine!