08 September, 2007

Happy Sunday everyone!

To all my friends, online and off, “Greetings.” I hope everyone is in the middle of a great weekend.

This week seemed, at least through the first several layers, to be more of the usual. You know, cooking, cleaning, just the usual day to day activities. But then some things starting changing as the layers wore off. All week I took care of my friend’s girl, Joy-Joy, which removed a layer of the usual. We went out when we could, and when we couldn’t we had lots of fun. Just the 3 of us. It’s always fun for Jasmine when Joy-Joy is here. But, Friday night is when the layers just peeled away.

Friday hubby came home as usual, tired and ready to relax. HA-HA, there’ll be none of that. “You’re taking us to see the Denver Nuggets Dancers.” I said in my evil tones. (Sometimes I get silly.) Hubby just laughed and said “O.K., let me get ready.” We stopped for some pizza on the way to the show and had a little down time. Then it was on to the show. We got there in plenty of time to get seated and ready. They started the show with the mascot, Rocky. It was so funny and it was cool, too. Jasmine fell in love with Rocky. Then came the girls. Jasmine just danced and sang along throughout their performance. I have to say, the mascot, Rocky, was great! He did this jump over like 8 people, and even got a flip in before he landed! All the kids, big and little, loved seeing him act like a clown. Of course, all the guys like the girls, too. Everyone associated with the show went out of their way to give us the best show they could. I would like to thank everyone involved. Hubby brought his camera and long lens, and I brought my little camera. We wound up taking about 400 photos between us.

After the show, they met the audience and did some autograph signing. Jasmine loved meeting them and asking for their autograph. She didn’t even want me to be near her! She really enjoyed the show and getting to meet them. Maybe she’ll try to be like them some day. Of course, daddy says “Not my little princess!” Oh well, only time will tell. We got home kind of late already and daddy loaded the photos. As expected, not all of them were great shots, and even the good ones are somewhat grainy. Hubby says that from using the ISO 400 setting on his camera and the low level of ambient white light. I think they were good, so it’s OK.

Saturday made a couple more layers float away, revealing another twist on the week. I started my occasional job as a bagger at the local grocery. I won’t be paid, but I will get tips. It’s great to work occasionally. You have to get out and mingle with people to keep yourself sane and it’s a great feeling to earn money. I did make quite a bit just with the tips, so it’s good. I was tired after work, but very excited to have earned my own money. I’ll use it to help with the costs of living, but it’s just a nice feeling. I miss that feeling.

Well, that's about it for now. Here are some pics. Thanks to all my visitors and to my friends for your frequent trips to this little page. Wishing you the best of weeks ahead.



gwapasila said...

Halo lily, I enjoyed watching those photos and reading your recent post. TC girl.

kookie said...

hello lily musta ang imong family? hala kalooy ba ni papa wala d ay ka rest ..ok raman siguro kay asus daghan ba ug lubot lili-on si papa oi lingaw maayo. take cace hugs