15 May, 2007

My Mother’s Day recap.

Friday we had lunch with hubby. The place we went had a special mother’s day menu. It really seemed so yummy when I saw the menu, including steak, fried shrimp, lobster, and crab leg for the occasion. Of course, I won’t miss this one, as it is very rare they have menus like this. I arrived with Jasmine and James followed with his colleagues, who ate separately. We had so much fun while we were there. Jasmine can’t sit still, she saw the tank of fish, and from that moment on wouldn’t sit still. My golly the whole time we were there all she thought of is the fish. She didn’t even want to eat right because of the excitement. Anyway, after that, I promised Jasmine we’d go to the park, so off we went while daddy went back to work.

The moment she saw the park she said “wow!” She clapped her hands with so much joy. The park is one of her favorite places to play. Even though she is all alone playing, she has so much fun there. We were there until 3 pm, Imagine that she never got tired of it. I told her we have to leave the area, we still going to pick-up daddy. She screamed "No Mommy." she hated leaving the place but we had to. The moment I turned on the car, she fell asleep, knocked out by her exertions. After daddy got a few moments to rest, we went out again. This time we went to the bowling alley. They have this event every summer when they open the Biergarten. Every year they give out free beer, sodas, and FOOD. They also dollar bowling. Who could resist for that offer, you could bowl as long as you wanted for only a dollar. Too bad we could not play. There were so many people already playing and reserved for the rest of the night. We decided to go home and have our own relaxing time instead.

Saturday we went out again just roaming around the area. We had fun then went home. I prepared some good food that night. Anyway, it’s my special day on Sunday, so I did barbecue, pancit and salad. We were so full that it was hard to sleep right away.

Sunday I woke up with a big smile. Then I went to the kitchen to make some coffee for myself and saw at the table a flower and coffee maker for me. I do have a very nice coffee maker but got broke when I decided to clean it well. I just don’t know what happened but I can’t use it after that. I told hubby I don’t want to have a coffee maker, I just want to boil some water and use instant coffee. Nevertheless, still he surprised me with another one. It’s a very good feeling when it’s like another birthday thing for me.

That was my special weekend. Hope all of you enjoyed yours as much as I did.

God bless us all!!!


irel said...

kanice s aimong mothers day maam lily:) natural oi deserving ang mother!!! diva??? anwyay, have a good day and take care

ladyracs said...

WOW, whatta very sweet husband, ako dae Lily sa flowers pa lang lipay na gyud kaayo ko ana... Ana sab ko usahay, lipyuhon naku tarong , malipyo lagi unya di naman pud magamit, guba diretso, maayo pa diay di lang kaayo limpyuhon modugay pa.

Grabing enjoy sa imong princessa, perting guapaha sab lagi inyong park dinha, makalingaw gyud samot.

Nakatawa gyud ko sa daddy's work out ba, waaaaaaaaah, mao sa si David tagbaw lagaw sa duha ka bogoy.

Thanks for sharing, have a great day.

Daffodale said...

Helloo lily. wow ka sweet ni banana oy! hehe.. well you deserve it to have new one coffe maker.. your so nice and faithful wife nand a good mom to your lil daughter jaja for short heheh!

Samot kog kamingaw sa akong palalabs dah.huhuh. pero cge lang ok ra kaya pa ni.. 3 months from now fly nko .. hayyy hope & pray every things gonna be fine with him and my interview soon.cge balik blik lng unya ko dri hah! take care and God bless
Muah hugss to your lil girl

janine said...

wow dae lilly looks like you also had fun celebrating your mothers day...heheh it will make us wish, everday is mothers day...lolz
bitaw the pics looks fun..thanks for sharing it to us..happy moms day to you..belated diay..
thanks for visiting my site too..mwaaahh

Malou said...

lingaw ko nilantaw sa inyo halogway Lily......... nindot sa imo mother's day ang ako naa sa balay pagka hapon simba kay si Hubby mi trabaho man.......pero mi utang siya nako unya nalang nako siya panilngon heheheh

Diay oi happy papa day, papa day man sa germany ron........

ingon lang ki Hubby happy Father's day enjoy ur day

Malou said...

ooi dako na baya si Jasmine oi....... mi dalaga na gyod ka gamay LIly........ kiss nalang ko be ang Auntie

haze said...

Hi LiLy kumusta?Wow whatta fun mums day you'll had...great pictures,too.Btw can I asked ur home adress pls?So I can send the cd's to you..thanks and hapyp weekend!

Darlene said...

Hala oi ka cute sa imong girl lily.Sus si papa intawnkabuang ug sunod2 sa iyang anak na ma slim gyud na si daddy.Hehehehehe,Anyway,Have a happy weekend & godbless dae lily!

carlota said...

You sure had a great time sa Mother's Day. great fotos.