07 March, 2007

A little bit of everything.

Sorry for the slow updates, I’ve been busy with my alaga, Celine, and Jasmine the past 2 weeks. It's better to be outside with them, they have more fun playing outside, and it stays quiet inside.

Haven’t even gone out much cause my hubby has been working nights. They have so much work to do that we rarely spend family time outside. We do play inside, like at bedtime we James taught Jasmine that the sheets could be our little “together tent.” Jasmine lives to play that game at night, it makes her laugh a lot.

With Jasmine growing more curious everyday, it’s hard for me to blog-hop. I guess when they became toddlers they learn how to make mommy and daddy pull out their hair! However, the times I get to check out your blogs really help make the day brighter.

Anyway, here are some pictures from last Saturday with my three alaga. Celine's Mom and Dad had to work that weekend, so they left Celine in my care. (MISTAKE) Joy-Joy comes every Saturday, so they all had fun. They are so hyper that day! I learned sugar is not helpful. They played pretend, colored, and danced ballet. And the biggest adventure of all is trying to stop Jasmine bullying the older girls. She loves to make Celine cry every chance she gets. If Celine wants a toy, Jasmine takes it just to make her cry. Of course, Jasmine's laughter makes Celine cry more, aayyeeyyaaaahh. Then Jasmine tells her "It's ok, baby, don't cry. Don't be scared." Daddy really put it to her, giving her time outs every chance he got. Oh my, having three kids at one time is somewhat hard for me. By the way, Celine is 4 and Joy-Joy is 5.

I have tried to take a little time to watch Pinoy movies and serials. I’ve graduated to movies. Thanks to Loloy for sending me those CD I do enjoy them a lot and to Lolie for forwarding it to me.

Before I end my post for this week I would like to share this tag from Dauph. I promised I would make it when given a chance. It’s the five things I desire or can’t do without.

1) Shoes- One of my favorites, I have a largish collection of them, Sandals, pumps, running shoes, mules, boots, you name it. Really, my favorites are anything that make me closer to 5 feet. But I especially like Sketchers shoes; they’re so comfortable and good for everyday walking. (Why? Because my feet like being dressed up, too.)

2) Jewelry-I collected the majority of my jewelry while I was still working, a lot of which is from hubby. I love all sort of jewelry, but gold is my favorite. My good friend Marietta sold me lots of 24K gold from Thailand (And sold some to James to give to me.)

3) Purses and Bags-I love collecting them, especially cute ones, I don’t mind if it’s branded or not, as long as I can have a different one whenever I want to accessorize. (Hubby says if you have one, it’s enough!)

4) Cookbook and Magazines-I like trying different kind of cooking, so that’s the reason I collect them, also I love magazine any kind gossip, gardening, scrapping, decorating, and anything that catches my interest. (Hubby thinks my only interest is the gossip rags, but what does he know. Jennifer Aniston contributes greatly to the well being of our society… HA-HA-HA)

5) Computer - I just love our computer, can’t live without it. Blogging, e-mail, surfing, chatting, photos, and the list goes on. (That’s less time for James to use it, but what can I say?)

Here is it, Dauph I finally finished it.
You all take care and enjoy the rest of the week with your loved ones and family.


Anna said...

Lily same gyud ta ug Favorite shoes hehehhehehe.. I don't know each time i see something pretty i always want to have it but it's depend if i have enouhg money to buy. Hehehehhehe.... I love reading your answer Lily, and i had fun watching the pictures too thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day.

MariK said...

Hi Lily, I came at the right time for your new post! I enjoyed your pics of your daughter and her friends as well as your Tag. I enjoy many of the things you like esp Jewelry that are my birthstone - diamonds for April! hehe. As for shoes, I love comfortable ones too. I have a lot of dress shoes for when I use to work but now I love my slip on sneakers. hehe. Have a happy rest of the week!

Lily said...

Anna Yah prehas ta when it comes to shoes,before really like Sandal especially mataas ang takong,now I had Jasmine hirap tumakbo para habulin siya so I stayed with rubber shoes for now,very compy and dali tumakbo sa makulit kong chicks. thanks Anna for stopping by ingat ka dyan lagi happy friday din sa iyo.

Lily said...

Hello Maryk, How are you now?been a long time never been into your place,got busy a little, but not bad. its just I got hook into teleserye that I havent time to go anywhere after that. so were thesame with the shoes for now,its my favorite to wear everyday except going to church. Thanks for dropping by really happy to see you here, take care and enjoy the week-end.