21 March, 2011


Aloha! Talofa! Mabuhay! Maayong adlaw! Gruss Gott! Ni Hao! Our heartfelt greetings to all our loved ones and friends.

Things have been quite busy here, as usual!

Jasmine’s going to school full time and doing so well! Her reports are incredible. We are all so proud of our little princess! She’s making the rounds of birthday parties and learning so much. Hubby helps her with homework after school, and gives her some little tips to doing it better, and then they play and do little project stuff.

Of course, they also do photography together. She’s become hubby’s photographic assistant. She loves helping him with his flash and with lighting scenes. Now that he has a new camera, and learned so much, they are having a ball with it. After hubby’s last camera finally died, he spent some time learning more about lighting and techniques to make better pictures. Now that he got the Canon EOS 7D professional camera, he’s really doing great stuff with what he’s learned. I’ve posted some small pics of Jasmine he took with the new cam and lighting. Some interesting stuff!

Spring is finally starting to rouse from its deep and long winter sleep, and bringing blue skies, puffy clouds, and color! It’s nice to have some warmth. We can’t wait to smoke up some ribs, grill some steaks, and cook up new barbecue recipes.

Well, that’s about it for now. I’ll let you go. Enjoy the pics!

Doing her Yoga/Zen pose. I like the way the tone matches her pose!

The world's next supermodel!

Posing pretty!


And GOD said...


Hubby's favorite, because it shows how pretty our little princess is. He loves the way her eyes really come alive!

May God bless you all with joy, love, peace, and warmth this beautiful spring season!


aroth said...

Hi lily---this is Art. It is so good to have an update from you. I hope all is going well with you and your little family. I was going to get a Facebook page so that I could follow you a bit more but I never have gotten around to doing it. I still check your blogs each week to see if by chance you have posted something. Jasmine sure is growing up nicely. I really like the 'supermodel' picture and the 'and God Said' picture. Your husband does real nice work. Hope you have fun getting out the barbecue for the summer. Take care....Art

Jhie said...

Hi Lily,

I am glad that you're proud to be a filipina and to be a bisaya.. I am a bisaya too.. hehehe.. I am happy that you and your family are okay and happy together.. You are blessed to have a wonderful family your daughter is pretty.. kapag nahaluan talaga ng ibang lahi ang mga pinay magaganda ang kalalabasan..hehhe.. Take good care stay happy.. Nakakamiss ang pinas noh? Hope to see you soon in the Philippines.. I am from Davao del norete, but we are here at Mandaluyong na.. :)

More hugs.. :)