25 October, 2009

Party Time

Aloha! Talofa! Mabuhay! Maayong adlaw! Gruss Gott! Ni Hao! Our heartfelt greetings to all our loved ones and friends.

Well, it’s time for another big post. A big post about a big celebration for a big girl!

The birthday princess!

Wednesday was Jasmine’s birthday, so we spent a little family time together celebrating the joyous moment. She got a gift and we had some cake and dinner. It was some much enjoyed time together. Her joy at being the center of attention was really infectious. And her joy at the gift we gave her was something powerful! Of course, earlier in the day, I went to her class and brought goody bags and cake for them to share. She loved being able to share with her classmates, and they loved it that she thought of them. Everyone was able to enjoy the day!

After a couple normal days, things took a turn toward the crazy! Friday I worked, and then it was time to prepare for the party! Hubby helped some by running errands and fetching supplies all day. He tried to smoke up some ribs, but the off and on rain prevented him. I spent half the night cooking and getting things ready for the morning.

Saturday morning came a little too early, as we had to cook and prepare for the big day! I spent the morning cooking lumpia, pancit, potato salad, pasta, salad, chicken breasts, and roasting 2 whole hens. It was a serious cooking adventure! Hubby smoked up 2 racks of ribs and cooked up some skewered pork. He calls it “monkey on a stick” from his Navy days, how silly is that? He also cooked up a whole bunch of chicken legs. Then he fetched the birthday cake and the 6 ft sandwich we ordered from Subway, as well as some essentials to finish. Jasmine did her part by getting in the way and being under our feet the whole morning. She actually wasn’t that bad, but she was so excited! If you’ve ever done a huge party in your house, you know it can be frustrating. Of course, you also know the joy and reward of having all your loved ones there to share the rewards with.

As usual with these things, the guests starting arriving. Our fist arrival was Princess’s classmate, Jazmyn. These 2 girls are best of friends, so our princess had someone to play with. What a joyous sound, children playing happily and without a care.

Their joy carried over into the entire evening. As folks arrived and starting talking, eating, and enjoying the evening, things changed to a more fitting mood and the excitement started rising. Soon it was time for the cake and candles. Wow, the buzzing of the kids was so rich in happiness and excitement! One, two, three BLOW! Out went her candle and another birthday wish was about to come true. Hubby had printed out a wonderful picture for the cake, but the baker couldn’t get it on the cake right, as it was the wrong size for their scanner. They copied the picture by hand to make sure Jasmine had her princess cake for the birthday party.

With all the food and all the guests, I forgot to take a lot of before pics. Hubby got some really great pics, but no before the party started. Our house was full from one end to the other! I loved being able to share our special time with all our loved ones, with new friends, and with long time friends as well. The night wore on with so much fun and play! Jasmine loved all her gifts, and having everyone here with our giant extended family.

As the evening wound down and people had to make their way home, the aura became even warmer. We all knew more times like this were to be had, and more gatherings were in the works. Sharing special times brings strength and warmth to all our friendships, and fills our hearts with joy and love.

Jasmine received some of the best gifts this birthday from all her loved ones. She was so overjoyed and wants me to thank everyone who came and gave her gifts! So, rather than list everyone here, I will say thank you to all who shared some love and warmth with our princess this wonderful birthday and thanks to all for your magical gifts!

To Miss V and Miss M, even though you couldn't attend, you were here with us in spirit and in our hearts. All our love to you and yours! To my Kumare, Marietta Jasmine loved your cards and always looks forward to talking with her "Godmother."

All that was left was the clean up. It didn’t take long! Hubby called it post-party depression, but I just said let’s just do it! It didn’t take long at all, and we were able to play with Jasmine and her gifts. She was delighted! In the words of Jasmine and her friends "This is the best party ever!"

Well, That’s about it for now. I’ll have more, with pics, pics at Bavarian Angel later.

Wishing you all the love and joy we shared here, and all God’s good will!

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