21 August, 2009

Too Long...

Aloha! Talofa! Mabuhay! Maayong adlaw! Gruss Gott! Warmest greetings to all of you! I hope that life is treating you well!

Well, another week has gone. It’s actually been about a month since my last post. Or, as the title says, Too Long. I’m sorry for the long time between posts. Our life is so full and busy, that the opportunity isn’t always there to post.

Since our last post, we’ve been busy!!! We’ve attended quite a few birthday parties, Jasmine got her teeth fixed, hubby’s been working like crazy, my birthday, and now Jasmine is getting ready to start real school sessions next month! She can even write her own name without our help, she can write numbers and letters, and she can read some words. She knows yes, no, and a couple others she encounters regularly.

She and daddy read together and daddy is helping her to learn reading. When hubby isn’t reading to her, I am, so she’s learning to love reading and telling stories. Daddy just started to teach her “2 plus 1 equals 3” using finger counting. She sure learns quickly!

We went to the Schmidmuehlen fest a couple weeks ago, and it was great! Hubby bought a couple old beer steins, I got some nice porcelain, and everyone had fun playing, eating, and riding. We went with a group of our friends, which always makes things more fun.

Of course, every time we go somewhere, hubby is our official photographer. He loves to sit at his computer and work on the pictures. He finds so many different ways to make great photos look even better. He’s been finding all kinds of new techniques and trying them out on his own. He loves to read some of the photo magazines and try what they teach to make some artistic effects. You can see some of the pics both in this post, and at Bavarian Angel.

Sunday was my birthday. Hubby secretly saved up and bought me a laptop so I can watch TFC all through the house. He wired everything up and made sure I can see my shows everywhere. The biggest surprise was that he could save up and not let me know! We went out to Josef’s, are favorite little Gasthof here in town, for my Birthday dinner. A lovely day spent with both family and friends.

Tuesday was the birthday of hubby’s mom. We got her a digital picture frame and loaded it with almost 1000 photos and some songs that she will like. Even though it’s a little late, we’d like to wish you a happy birthday, Mom!

Here are some pics, mentioned above.

A great composition by hubby

My new laptop. Thank you my wonderful hubby and princess!

King and Queen, photo by Jasmine

This is yummy

A nice shot of the cake they bought me.

This is interesting. It's like a pen and ink. Joy and Jasmine, BFF.

Another interesting one. Our princess showing her beauty.

I'd like to thank Emily for the wonderful birthday surprise. I will treasure it always. To VK, thank you for the lovely birthday greetings. To Marykay, also thank you for the birthday greetings. It means a lot to have such good friends. Of course, my heartfelt thanks to everyone for their wonderful birthday greetings. I love every one of them, and all of you. And I can't forget to thank Art for his visits and support.

Well, it’s bedtime. Time to let you go and time for us to rest. We have another birthday party in the morning!

Have a great week. May the Lord bless you in all you do.

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