04 May, 2009

A Small Change. AKA The Fest.

Aloha and greetings to all! This is a long post with many pictures because this week was BUSY! We had the annual German-American Volksfest. What fun it was to see our princess experience the joy of fest season!

Jasmine went every day to the fest. It started Wednesday and ran until Sunday. After hubby got off work Wednesday, he picked up Jasmine and took her to the fest. He said she was so excited that she couldn’t even decide what to do first! It looked like rain, so he didn’t bring the camera, which was somewhat disappointing, but the rest of the fest he had it firmly in his hands.

Thursday, they went again. This time I was able to pick up Jasmine and bring her. Hubby met us there. We had some dinner together, and strolled with our dear friends. It was a blessed evening for one and all, especially the princess. She went on so many rides, that she was happy to take a break! The rest of the days went about the same, enjoying friendship, food, and fun. Friday, it rained on Jasmine and daddy, so they left early. But not before getting some great pics and enjoying some of the rides.

Saturday, we met hubby there and after a break at home, we all went back. It was a lovely evening, warm with light breezes. The rides were lit up, the smell of food was everywhere, and the music was blasting. It made for some great memories of friends and fun. Then it was time for the fireworks! Hubby took pics as usual, and we watched the show. Our daughters were ooh’ing and aah’ing the whole show. Even Jasmine was able to get in on it! After a few more rides, it was time to go home.

Sunday was the last day. We went a little early so we could use up the tickets we bought and have a longer day together. After joining our friends, we spent a lovely afternoon. Jasmine got a little cranky because she didn’t have a nap and hubby gave her lots of ice cream. In fact, they shared a whole pint together! After giving her some time out and letting her gather her wits, we went back. On the way in, one of the guards gave hubby a ticket for a free roasted chicken. I was happy to taste the roasted chicken again! One of hubby's coworkers saw Jasmine and gave her a Sponge Bob toy he won. His daughter is grown up, so he likes to see our little girl smile and have some fun. She was so polite, she said thank you and even wished him a good night. Then we had dinner. Jasmine ate some currywurst and we chilled out at the fest tent. Hubby had a ticket for a free beer, so he got a Spezi. It’s not beer, but they let him use the ticket. It came in a huge beer mug! After eating, we spent the evening riding and playing until we were out of tickets! It was a late night for us!

This morning was back to the norm. Jasmine misses the fest, but she’s excited about going around and exploring the various little treasures that Bavaria has to offer this fest season. Hubby went back to work and I had my exercise class with my friends. A little bit of excitement makes the craziness of life seem so welcome!

Well, it’s been a long post. I’m adding the pics of Jasmine that hubby finished. The pics of him and Jasmine and his beautiful photos of the fest are at Bavarian Angel. Here they are.

Welcome to the fest!

Get along little pony!

The Princess and the Queen.

Going for a drive.

Fishing for ducks?

Loving the lens! What a cute pose.

The Three Amigas.


Playing with a prize. She's so beautiful!

Happy girl at the fishing game.

Eating with daddy while the rain is falling.

Beep, Beep.

I'm stuck in traffic!

Yummy. I don't care if it's cold!

Riding my tractor. This is slower than the Flintstones!

I’d like to thank you all for visiting. And to Art, you are such a wonderful person. Thank you for your kind words and comments. I always look forward to hearing from you.

May God bless you all with every joy and success in all you do!

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rissa said...

i enjoyed all the pics and u guys sure looked like u were having so much fun. the boys love the bumpy cars too, hehe! Jasmine is getting bigger and prettier each time i visit ur blog. i love seeing pics of her. u guys take care and have a great week!