17 December, 2008

Another Tale.

Well, hubby started his vacation this Monday. Christmas time is really here!

He spent all last week in class all day, and came home to study all night. It left him so burned out and tired! It’s O.K., because soon he will have a certificate. When Monday came, it was really a nice start to being on the road to relaxation. He went to the class to learn and came away with so much knowledge. Then we spent the day chilling out! It was a great time and a wonderful start to the weekend.

Tuesday night was our Christmas party. We had it in Velburg this year. It was a magical night for everyone, especially the kids! Santa came to visit and pass out some gifts and we won a $25.00 Visa card! WOW, what a wonderful night it turned out to be. When you get to spend good time with great people, life is well worth ALL the little downsides. We had a lovely dinner; there was pork roast, roast beef, cordon blue, salads with carrots and cucumbers, and potatoes and knödel. The venue was a lovely little Gasthof in Velburg. Velburg is a beautiful little town near where we live. The town is so quaint and cozy. It really is kind of Christmasy. Hubby stayed up late to finish the pictures he took so he can give them to his co-worker. She will print them out for the families. They do such a nice party for the families.

Tuesday, I was called to work for a couple hours. That was great, I got to go earn a little and spend time with my co-workers. I also found our plans had to change a little. Hubby and I had planned to go to some Christmas Markts this week, but I have to work until Sunday. We’ll be going next week, because they truly are glorious. Hubby will take some of his beautiful pics and I’ll post them here and on my other blogs. At work, we are going to do our own little party Friday! You know I’ll be cooking for that.

Jasmine and hubby had daddy daughter day today. They went out shopping a little and had lunch together at the little pizza place. Hubby won a nice little travel bag and Jasmine won a Christmas tree decoration. They seem to have learned that being together can be fun. Jasmine was so excited and hubby bragged about how nice Jasmine was all day. Of course, there had to be some bad in every one of their days, today hubby forgot to bring her to cheerleading practice. After I reminded him! I guess they had so much fun together they both forgot.

Well, it looks like time to end. I would like to take this time to say a huge thank you to Carlotta. I was really surprised by your package. Thank you. You have been such a wonderful friend! Thank you so much.

To everyone out there I send my best wishes and pray for a wonderful Christmas for all of you. May God grant you peace and love during this holiday season. Thanks for visiting!

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