01 November, 2008

Our Haunted Halloween

Aloha and spooky greetings to all!

Well, Halloween is actually over. Now it's time to sit back and coast until Thanksgiving. Hubby has a tradition that we can't put up the Christmas tree until the day after Thanksgiving. I told him “When the 'Ber months are here, we need our tree,” but he just doesn't get it.

Anyway, last night was Halloween. We picked hubby up from work and went to our library's party. Wow, they know how to do a Halloween party. Everyone was in costume, and the decorations were amazing. Jasmine was so excited, she ran off to join the other kids playing and running. It was so loud with the kids, the music, and the recorded screams and haunts. We ran into my friends Monica and Evangeline, and their children. Jasmine was so happy to see her friends and to be able to play with them without anyone restraining her!

Hubby wandered around taking random pictures of the people. Of course, most of his photos were of our little pirate princess, Jasmine. He always seemed to be missing or lost, yet he managed to get some great shots of our darling. He even got a couple of me!

After the library party, we went trick or treating in the local area. Jasmine managed to pull in quite a load of "pirate booty!" We ran into a couple more friends while we were out and about, and managed to arrange to meet up at the local activity center. The activity center was abuzz with kids playing, parents chatting, cooking, and other general sounds of a community enjoying the fruits of life and labor. Jasmine and her friends went off to play the games, and managed to get even more candy and prizes! We ate some good food prepared for the occasion. Hubby loves his hot dogs, so I got him a couple. He insisted hot dogs should only have mustard and relish, never ketchup! But he ate them anyway because he appreciated my effort. (He also got a couple more by himself without the ketchup.)

All the time, hubby was taking photos of everything, Jasmine was running and laughing with her friends, I was enjoying the time spent with my friends, and the whole community was having a truly wonderful night!

I'd like to take the time to thank everyone involved for all your hard work and dedication. It was really appreciated. Your houses were so nice, the party was so beautiful, and all the people were a perfect joy.

I'll be posting some photos tomorrow on Bavarian Angel and my Bravenet Journal. But here's a pic to get you started.

Jasmine and I posing at the "spooky graveyard"

As always, Thanks for visiting. May GOD bless you all with a great and bountiful week ahead.


irel said...

wow day lily kacute ni madame jasmine:) daoy kami this year na alang mi sa balay. wa pod mi nangadto sa Zoo kay dili feel sa mga anak nako ron tuiga. ambot unsay drama! anyway naa lang mis balay we played board games, watched scary movies and eat our treats since we had no trick or treaters!!! it was just us, not we have tons of chocolates to eat for ourselves!
by teh way day lily, pwede pakiupdate sa akong link. akoa man jdu gibalhin akong site to wordpress mao lang gihapon nag url www.iyrel.org pero wala na ang recipes ug journal after sa url. check. Thank u maam mwah

Ylan said...

Halu madame Ly.. nilili ko diri.. kabibo sa inyong halloween oi... as always, cute kaau imo baby... karon pa nako nasabtan ngano Bavarian Angel, tungud diay kay name sa inyong lugar Bavaria hehe.. :)

Lily said...

@Dae Irel, sure kaau I will update ur link after my work. got busy this few days.

take care always.

Lily said...

@Ylan nahimoot ko nimo abi nako unsa,bitaw mao na ako tittle kay tungod naa ko sa Bavaria side of germany.thanks for dropping by wishing you a great week-end tc always.

rissa said...

super cute kaau c Jasmine sa iyang outfit oi. i was going to get Aiden the buccaneer costume pero di man sya gusto, haha! anyway, angayan kaau c jasmine sa iyang costume. great choice!