20 October, 2008

Party Time!

Aloha to all my friends. Warmest greetings to all! Time for another update.

Tomorrow is Jasmine's birthday. Our little princess will be 4 years old! Wow, time really is flying so fast!

We threw a party for her yesterday so our friends could attend. Jasmine really had so much fun with the other kids! But, let me start where all good stories do, at the beginning. You'll find the photos at my Bavarian Angel site.

Jasmine woke up at 7AM. She was so excited that she couldn't sleep any longer! I dragged myself up at 6, so when she came to find me, I was already hard at work. I really was excited and that spread to Jasmine.

Hubby finally woke up at about 9AM. Lucky him. After he woke up, he played with Jasmine and they got ready to go out for some last minute things. They had to get ice, the cake, some Mt Dew, and other assorted items for the party. When they returned, I dressed up Jasmine and daddy got ready for the party. After we were ready, we got Jasmine cleaned and dressed up. Hubby set up and we took some family photos and pics of princess.

Well, the guests turned up, bearing gifts and best wishes. (To all of Jasmine's guests our; heartfelt thanks for your gifts and wishes.) Boy, she sure was happy! She couldn't stop laughing and smiling. So, while we ate and chatted, I set up some games for the little ones. The first game was like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” only with Barbie Island Princess and tiaras. After 2 games of that, we played statue dancing. The last game was musical chairs. We had to stop playing because Jasmine was getting cranky from lack of sleep and not winning. Daddy took her in the room and explained to her that her guests should be able to win, too. It turns out that she thought we were giving away her gifts. I had wrapped the prizes, which made her think that.

We decided to do the cake so she would see that it was still her day. She and hubby decided to get a cake with a printout on it. The local bakery made the cake design from a picture we printed out of Barbie. Goodness, that cake was so yummy and colorful!

After opening the gifts, and some play time, our guests headed home. It was such a perfect day for Jasmine, and for us! Any time we can make her smile so much, is truly rewarding for us! We love what she brings to our life, and making her smile just makes it even more rewarding.

After everyone went home, daddy set up her computer accessory for her to play with. That really made her so excited and happy. She didn't even want to sleep.

When we finally went to bed, we both had to say that the day was a near perfect success. Another happy day for our princess, another great weekend for daddy and daughter, and the joy of seeing my family warm, cozy, and happy. It doesn't get better than that. Having our little girl is so great, she makes life so exciting and fulfilling for both of us!

Just a reminder, don't forget to visit Bavarian Angel for all the exciting pics.

Well, I'll sign off for now. I wish you the best of weeks ahead and all the joy we had this weekend! God bless you and your families.

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