12 August, 2008

Our Little Star!

To Grandma Ellen,Grandma Edna,Grandpa Luming and relatives,

Here's our little starJasmine, dancing and singing. hope you guys enjoy wacthing the video of our little star. she loves singing and dancing to the tunes of Avril Lavigne and some other music,I guess this is the age where she love's discovering and learning more. she's still much into ballet up to now.

Anyway wish you all a very great week and hope to see you all someday. take care and know that we love you all. send our love to Nana and a kiss from her little star. hopefully soon we would be able to spend time with you all.
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Inday di-a na imong hangyo, Im sure malingaw gyud ka ni jasmine. ayo-ayo dinha sis.glad to know ur doing great and the rest of the family.

Lastly I would like to say thanks for everyone who visited my site. you all have a great week.


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