07 July, 2008

Monday, again...

Aloha! Greetings to all my friends, both online and offline. I hope this update finds all of you well and in the best of spirits. I’m terribly sorry about the delay in updating my blogs, I’ve been running non-stop the past couple weeks. And, it's another Monday in Hohenfels.

Last Friday, the 4th was no exception, as I had to work until 5 while hubby and Jasmine had daddy daughter day. After work, I picked her up and headed to a small party with some good friends. Hubby was to follow in time to view some fireworks. I felt that it’s really a good time to spend with friends and family. Indeed, a good time chatting and joking was had by all. Of course, Jasmine had an accident so hubby had to come early. He was primed to do his little manama-na comedy routine when some friends arrived. He had them in stitches and tears. After hubby’s clown show, we went ahead and watched the fireworks display. It’s a great thing to spend time with your good friends.

Saturday we went to another party with some other Pinay friends. As usual, we really enjoyed the time. Jasmine enjoyed playing the whole time we were there. As usual, we went home a little late. Hubby met some folks he talked with the entire time we were there. He seemed to hog the whole conversation, so I’m sure they were happy to see us go. I’m joking of course, but he even had fun with the folks he met. It was nice all around.

Sunday we went shopping. We were supposed to go see Lea, but we got back too late and it was raining when we got back. We decided to see my new friend, Rachelle. My dear friends Lucille and Emily joined us. Rachelle has two dogs that our little girl loves so much, she enjoys playing with them, and their “dogginess.” she always gets upset every time we leave. She doesn’t want to leave the two adorable dogs, Kira and Bailey. (Plus Rachelle has an X-Box and karaoke microphone that Jasmine can’t get enough of!) Well, anyway, hubby rode along hoping to take some photos. Of course, the photos thing was just a nice way of tricking him into watching Jasmine while we girls had a little us time and relaxed. He was a big help with Jasmine and deserves an award for his efforts. I won’t give him one because he might start slacking up a little, and we can’t have that! (Ha-ha-ha!!!) Again, we went home late. Poor hubby didn’t get to have a lot of sleep before going to work this morning. Thanks, honey-ko, for all you do!

Well, I’ll be posting some more tomorrow and adding some pics to my Bavarian-Angel blog.

I hope everyone out there in blog land has a wonderful week, and some great adventures of their own! I'll be passing through your sites soon, so keep your eyes peeled and keep your comments coming. I love hearing what you think on my posts and in my tag board. God bless, and take care.


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