15 May, 2008

Video Contest


I know it’s rare for me to start a post with a picture from a sponsor. I just thought it would make a good lead in.

Levi’s Dockers are sponsoring a video contest. The point of the contest is to make a video commercial for Dockers. It’s sponsored by Dockers, and has drawn some good entries. And, get a load of this- the winner will be shown on the Tonight Show, with Jay Leno! How cool is that? You can see all the entries at Dockers contest

Personally speaking my favorite is titled “Historically.” It includes some names for pants, and really got me thinking about hubby’s Dockers. He really loves his. I think he should enter; he has a video camera, some creativity, and a little time to whip something together.

In all honesty, all the entries are great, and it’s hard for me to choose just one favorite. It’s good that you can rate them all. I think that’s better than just choosing one, which makes all the others seem less than they were. Some of the entries show a lot of ingenuity and creativity. Not to mention, some very good senses of humor on display. Wow, there is so much to see there, you really should check it out.

And, don't forget, you can buy your favorite Dockers at the Dockers Store.

Sponsored by Dockers


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

bisan sponsored ni, sulat ra ko ha...lol

bitaw, i like dockers style, hasta ila mga clogs....lol

mao diay to didto ta sa airbase-ramstein, daghan ko kita nga mga dockers products.
galing lang mahal man....lol

tapos na gyd imo loto, daghan sobra?

grabe pod to imong gipangloto kadaghan uy,....mora man ug fiesta......

naa ka balay?...tawag ko nimo,sulayan nako....

Lou said...

oi lily visiting you here, daghan lagi mo nakakuha ani nga isda heheh