12 May, 2008

Update photos!

Here's my latest update and some photos of yesterday’s Mother’s Day “celebration.”

Saturday after work, I was so exhausted, and my sinuses started bothering me at work. I had such a bad headache, that when I got home I just slept. I was too lazy to do anything. I really felt bad about it because hubby and dear daughter went to dine in a nearby restaurant without me. Anyway, I just asked them to bring some for me.

Sunday was about the same, my headache was still so terrible. I wound up sleeping until lunchtime. Hubby and daughter went out without me again. But, after lunch, I took my medicine for sinus headaches, and after a while, I felt better. I chilled out watching a movie and just staying relaxed. On the other hand, daddy was watching Jasmine the whole time. Hubby said it’s my day off, so I never even cooked anything. Hubby and Jasmine were all excited when they returned. They bought a cake, flowers, and cards for me. Jasmine was more excited than anything else about the cake. She wanted me to slice the cake immediately. I told her to wait a second, and then she said I need to light some candles and blow them out. She is so cute saying things like that. Anyway, as usual, she blew out the candles instead of me. We had a great time, even though I still had a bad headache. We still enjoyed the day and had a great time watching Jasmine playing in the back yard.

I’m also excited because I received the package Carlota sent. All the stuff I ordered arrived just in time for Mother’s Day. Jasmine was no exception, she was very happy seeing the bags and headbands Carlota sent for her. She even said she wanted to talk to Carlota to say thank you for all the stuff. I am always amazed by the way she speaks so maturely. She even says “Yes” instead of “Yeah.”

Yesterday afternoon I got a chance to chat with Carlota and say my thanks for her being such a good friend to me.

So this is it for this week’s update. I will still be busy this week. I'm going to cook for the Asian Pacific heritage month this coming Thursday and Friday I’m working again. That’s the reason I hardly have time to blog hop and visit all my online friends.

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you very much for all your visits, I do so appreciate them. You take care and have a blessed week.


Daddy and Daugther

Present from Carlota for Jasmine

My order from Carlota

Mothers day surprise cake with cards and flowers

Jasmine wanted to blow the candles out

Our little girl was so happy seeing the cake.

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The pictures are lovely :)