24 May, 2008

Surprise going away party!

Hello peeps!

I just wanted to update my blog with some of this week’s happenings. I’m busy with my full time work now. I thought I could still manage to update my blogs more often, but I guess that sometimes it’s hard to do both. The job I do is very tiring, but rewarding.

For the past couple days, we had very good weather. I buy Jasmine a surprise mini-pool so she can enjoy the summer days. She loves splashing and playing under the sun in her “swimming pool.” that's how I spend time with my sweet little princess. I am off every Thursday for her ballet class, and Sunday we have family day. Monday our local grocery, where I work is closed, so that’s mommy daughter day. I end up working every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. It’s a nice little schedule, it allows me to have some money for myself, and gives me a break from full time mommy duty.

Friday, my friend Emily and I planned a surprise going away party for our co-workers who are leaving next week. One is headed for San Francisco, and the other one, Girlie, is going home in Pinas for 3 months. We are going to miss them a lot since we worked together for couple of months now. Emily and I prepared some yummy food that we brought in to work for our coworkers. Even the cashiers loved the food we had. Almost all the workers there enjoyed the food we brought.

Today at work, we talked about how we’re going to miss them, and that we hope someday to meet again. It’s not that busy today, but not bad either. Time passes by so quickly when you are busy working or talking to your friends lol :-). Manang May gave me a memento, a polvoron mold and some colored tissue paper for wrapping it up. So, maybe I’ll make some polvoron and see how it tastes. Maybe, someday I will make some for sale. Anyway, talking about business, I already had many orders for egg rolls, but no time to make them now. I guess I will just have to take serious time to do it. I just want to relax after work and during my off time, too. I still have to do chores, but that’s O.K. I’m glad I took time to cook today before heading to work. Hubby loves lasagna, and I love beefsteak Pilipino style. So, now I don’t worry about cooking. That’s why I have time to sit here and do my update about our adventures.

Before I end this, I would like to thanks all my visitors for passing by and leaving some footprints in my blogs. I’d also like to thank Manong Romeo for encouraging to work, which helps some, too.

You all take care, and wish you all a beautiful weekend with your friends and family.


Our Surprise foods

The Bagger's

Soon to be in San Francisco

Girlie and Manang May we gonna miss you guy's.

Our little girl enjoying the mini pool

With her water gun

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