19 March, 2008

I"m Back!


Hello, friends, how is everyone? I hope everyone is doing great. I finally found the time to sit in the computer without feeling so tired. For the last few days, I am so tired due to all the coughing I’ve been doing. Not only that, all of us have a cold and coughing. I guess it’s the weather changing every 2 or 3 hours.

My oh my, I’m glad everything seems ok now with me. Princess Jasmine still has a bad cold and can't sleep well at night. I wish these colds would go away soon. But even though she has a cold, she still managed to attend her 5th day of ballet class. They’re learning many steps now. It’s amazing how much they love ballet class. Jasmine tries to be such a little teacher’s pet. I took a bunch of videos, but haven’t had any time to upload them yet. When I get some more time, I will share some of them again for her Grandmas and all my readers to see.

Yesterday and for the past couple days now, we got some snow, not much but its good enough for our little girl to enjoy. She loves snow, no matter what. Even though she had a bad cold, she still insists on touching the snow and playing with it. So yesterday, after dropping hubby to work early, Jasmine didn’t want to go inside our house she wanted to play in the snow that was still on the car. She is so happy and loves to throw it at me. She even wanted to put it in the bucket so she could play some more inside our house. I’m glad seeing her happy and seeing how much she loves the snow. I let her play outside for a while even with her cold because I know how she misses the snow in our area.

After that went inside to get warm and have some cocoa. Then after a while, our friend’s daughter arrived to spend the day with us. I let them play, although I wanted Jasmine to take a nap. She refused of course. I prepared them a lunch and got Jasmine ready for her ballet class. She was extremely excited to show Joy-Joy the ballet outfit, and excited that Joy-Joy would be there to see her dancing. Jasmine and Joy-joy are best of friends, as they often spend time together on play-dates. After the ballet class, we stopped by the local library to borrow some DVDs for them to watch. When we got home, Jasmine finally went to sleep. Well, I know she was too tired because she woke up too early. She took a 3-hour nap. It was a nice day for us, even though the weather confusing.

Joy-Joy was here again today, and as usual, they had a great time playing on the computer. They love to visit NickJr.com. In the afternoon, I brought them outside to play in the snow that was still on the ground. Jasmine got to coughing so hard by running a lot and her nose was red already from the amount I was wiping it. I let them enjoy themselves while there was some snow. It’s not thick enough to make anything, but just enough for them to play.

Before I end this, I would like to say thanks to everyone who left a comment and tag. I do appreciate all your concern. Thanks for all the messages. I will soon visit each one of your blogs. You take care and have a blessed week.


Bucket of snow

Happy to have some snow

Playing early morning

Saving some snow

Throwing snow to each other

Running around


"Life is a Journey not a Destination" said...

Looks liked they had so much fun playing outside the snow.

Hope Princess Jasmine well be feeling better before Easter.

Have a blessed Holy Week!

Lucille said...

Hi Lily, thanks for dropping by sa ako blog ha. You were sick diay. hope you are feeling better now. Me too still have this terrible sickness since few weeks ago...not because of the weather though, i have'nt any cough and cold. I just feel extremely tired and nausea.

Oo, na PR 0 na gyod tawon ko. Kasayang sa imo na 1 week ra ka morag parehas man guro ta ato pr4 unta? akoa nuon dugay2x nadiskubrihan guro maong dugay2x na zerohan. Pero ok ra, maayo ra pod ning wala kaayo offers ky kapahulay ug katulog na kog sayo hehe. makaadik man gud pod tong daghan opps di ba kay sayang pod balibaran.
Ayo-ayo diha!

Robelyn said...

hello Lil thanks for dropping by, princess jasmine really enjoy playing snow same here also my alex
and anja love snow. Wishing u a beautiful day and Advance Happy Easter for the whole family. take care...

Lily said...


Yap they really enjoy this few days of snow we had. I wish that too.
Thanks for dropping by in my place.
Take care always.

Lily said...

Thanks for the visit then,glad to see here, Oo Bisan naa ubo sip-on sige lang gihapon lingaw dula sa snow. unsa-on nga karon man lang noon nag snow og pila ka days na.

so ako na lang pasagdahan kay panagsa man lang.
take care always.

Lily said...

@Lucille, bitaw kaning pr nako nawala dayon after a week nakong apil. dali kaau nakita ni Google. na ikaw dinha pahuway na lang sa atleast wala ka huna-huna-on og dakop sa Ops. sayang gyud sab bitaw kong naa ta pr din dili ta manakop.
Oh well ako na lang gipahuway akong lawas oi kay unsa-on ning among weather dinhe unpredictable kaau. ayo pa ninyo dinha murag wala na naglahi lahi ang weather. thanks sab sa duaw ha karon lang sab ko ka banat og bloghop nga medyo ok na ko dinhe.
take care and enjoy the rest of the week labi na nga galuya ka dinha.

Dauphine said...

dako najud imong dalaga lily. akoa pod dri karon kay gihilantan. sa panahon man gyud tingali ni. Anyway I'm dropping by here cause I also miss you though. Hope okay mo dihang tanan. I always look at pictures of jasmine or you all there.

happymommy said...

hi lily! :) how are u? with the weather, im not surprised if our babies get sick. my baby noah is sick again with cough. i just hope it wont get worse like 2 weeks ago. poor babies :( hope ur pretty girl's cold would go away soon. it's hard to see them suffer especially when u know that they're havin' a hard time breathin'. but im glad she enjoyed the snow though. what a cutie pie! :)

have a great day sis! take care! :)

Norm said...

hi lily! thanks for the visit, cute ng mga bulilit mo gandang tingnan habang naglalaro cla, have a nice day..

Lily said...


Glad to see you Dauph,oo nga dagko na gyud atong mga chicks. si Nicole sab dako na kaau sa.bitaw siguro sa panahon sab kaya sila gasakit pero ok ra man sab sila after a while na maka inom og tambal. akoa dinhe dah nawala man ang ubo kay sa una magabii dili katulog dayon karon ok na kaau ang tulog.
na sige ha thanks for dropping by.
take care sab ninyo dinha.

Lily said...

@Shiela thanks for the visit and for the comments.I do appreciate all your visit here in my blog. yap when our kids got sick we felt bad as it is hard for us to see them having a hard time. Im glad Jasmine seems doing ok now a days.I let her enjoy this snow season we got as I know it wont take that long its already gonna be spring and rainy days.

take care and enjoy the week-end.

Lily said...

thanks for the visit, lagi enjoy kaau sila tan-awon nga nalingaw og dula sa snow. bisan naa ubo og sip-on ako na lang gipadula kay panagsa lang ra ba mag snow sa amoa this time of year.
take care Norms and happy week-end nimo dinha.