08 February, 2008

Wishing everyone a blessed week-end!

Aloha, and good day to all.

Wow! It’s been another hectic week for me and for my family. I really was busy this past week. I did so much stuff and accomplished a few things I was hoping to get done.
Like I always say, a stay at home mom never runs out of work around the house.Anyway, for the whole week Jasmine was having a blast. It’s because Joy-joy was with her almost everyday. She has no school for one week.
In Germany, we had Fasching, much like Carnival or Mardi gras. They parade in the street with there colorful costumes and have parties. It seems fun. I never experienced festivities like that before. Even here in the Hohenfels area. Of course, I’m not including their “beer fests” as hubby calls them and Christmas markets. And yeah for the whole week every time they played, the house was a mess. I can’t describe it; it’s so messy and toys everywhere. I left them alone and let them have fun instead of just watching movies and I did some blog hopping. I took pictures of their mess, though to show how it is when they are playing the whole day. No nap, no break, nothing at all. They had so much energy, as if they just drank red bull. :-) I only asked them to fix the mess when it’s almost time for Joy-joy to be picked up by her Daddy. That’s the only time Jasmine would relax and just sit watching TV. But don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching them playing and having so much fun together.
Anyway, I was one happy wife because I got my wish for this Valentines Day, a Samsung SGH-C170 mobile telephone. It is very pretty. I love it so much. Hubby bought it after work. I told hubby I would like to have that phone. (By “I told hubby…” I mean to say, “I nagged hubby into submission.”) He did say that I wouldn’t be getting a Valentines Day gift, because this was my gift. Doesn’t he understand that a bright red “cutesy” phone is practically required by female nature? Seriously, a big “thank you” to my hubby for buying this for me.
Tomorrow I am going to attend a funeral mass. Hubby’s coworker passed on, and I knew his wife. Then I’ll be going in to work. I’m fairly sure it’ll be a busy day tomorrow.
I’d just like to say thank you to all my friends online and to those who keep dropping by my site and for taking time to visit me here. I wish you all a very good weekend. Have fun and enjoy your time with the family and friends.>

Take care and God bless!

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My old one(plan to sent home)

My new one :-)I love the color of this.

The playtime pretend of Joy-joy and Jasmine.

Im just late on this they hide some already under the bed.

Hyper kids.

After they storm the room.

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Agring said...

I love the header...Jasmine is so adorable!!!
Congrats on your new cellphone..Type ko ang kulay!!!