07 January, 2008

Were Back from Vacation!

Hello Peeps!

How is everyone doing? Sorry I've taken so long to update my blog. We just came back from a mini vacation with our friends. I was so busy that I forgot to let everyone know I would be gone.

That busy-ness includes watching my favorite teleserial, which ended the 5th. I miss many of the series, but its ok. I am grateful that my favorites won first and second spots. Bisaya gyud naka da-og and I just learn that Riza's Dad speak bisaya, proud Bisdak sab diay ni iyang Daddy.

Anyway, back to our mini vacation, it was a great one. We celebrated the New Year watching fireworks in the back yard. It amazes me whenever I see the magic of fireworks. Plus, having quality time with good friends was priceless. We did some sightseeing and roaming around the area. We also visited Jasmine and Leera's favorites place, "Kid’s Zone,” where they can play and have fun even although it’s winter and icy in Germany.

We even went to see the beautiful city of Trier. Quite a historic place, it’s the oldest city in Germany, having celebrated its 2000th birthday in 1984. Hubby is happy that he had the opportunity to stand where Julius Caesar once stood. Be seemed to bathe in the history of this ancient city. Hubby wants to go back in August to see the gladiators fight in their annual festival. It’s also near Luxemburg, so maybe someday soon I can go there, too.

I have tons of photos from the past week or so that I will try to share with you. I’ve put most here now. I hope you enjoy viewing them.

I would like to say thank you all my online friends for their continued visits, even I have fallen a little behind. I had no chance to update my site while on vacation, I made hubby leave our laptop so we could relax, I guess I was wrong, because from time to time I missed my show and missed blogging too. I will try to update more now that I am home again.
Special thanks to Our good friend's Calaunan Family for such a good host during our stayed, thanks also for the very special gift. God Bless us all! Take care, especially this wintertime.


Rissa said...

aw! nagbakasyon diay mo Li. glad to know u had a great time. maau pa mo kakita og fireworks sa inyong backyard pa jud. dri tawon mingaw kaau. murag lami lagi na inyong foods sa pics, hehe! cge ra kaon naa sa akong utok ba, haha! i know lami kaau ka moluto so i can just imagine na lami jud na inyong foods dha. anyway, thanks for sharing the pics. kisses to Jasmine!

Rickavieves said...

Hi there, sa germany diay mo, silingan ra diay tah
btw, nice photos u posted here :-)
have a great day!

Yummylicious said...

Hay day Lily maau pamo diha kay nagbakasyon na kami diri ugmad taman sa ginhawa aron maka save pang bakasyon paeta!

WOW! I love all these photos, kinsa nang taas au hair?

Bitaw nida-ug ang manok ni Loloy hehehehehe.

Diay as always wafa au moha dalagingging na si Princess Jasmine.

Maaung adlaw diha ninyo tanan!