02 July, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!

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An evening together.

The gang of three.

Hello, gang. Just a little update and a side order of thoughts. First, let me wish all of you a happy July 4th. Independence day, the day we celebrate the Declaration of Independence, that grand document that outlines the needs of people everywhere to be free, from tyranny, and to pursue their dreams and joys.

Well, Jasmine’s been a handful. She’s at that “Why?” stage. It’s so cute to hear her asking, but, golly, it never seems to end. “Why no more stars? Because it’s morning. Why it’s morning? Because the sun is up. Why the sun?…..Because I said so!” She’s a smart cookie, and learning more every day. Daddy’s afraid she’ll be smarter than him by the time she’s 3. Oh well, daddy, enjoy being smarter for a couple more months. Of course, all parents like to brag about junior or princess, and we’re no exception. That’s what parents are all about, being so happy about what our babies accomplish.

I had a visit from Loloy. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him as my good friend Ruby and he had planned to do some extreme tourism. We let him sleep because the next morning they were off. They went blitzing about Bavaria and Austria. 2 days and about 30 towns and cities, sleeping in the train station, and eating out of a backpack. When they got back from Austria, we spent some time chatting and eating and the next morning he had to leave for Frankfurt. I knew he wanted to explore all over Europe, but blitzkrieg isn’t my style. Hubby and I like to take a somewhat more relaxed pace and enjoy our stops. Overall, I am glad that they visited so many places in a short period. Loy thanks for visiting me; I am happy to meet you in person.

I just had a little flash of corny there. Goodness, please forgive me. Anyway, our weekend was not so bad, even though the summer is off to a somewhat crazy start. We’re getting our April showers in June and July. There have been some extremely dark clouds and rain, but we still enjoy our little walks with Jasmine when the chance presents itself. It’s great when you have bonding time with your loved ones.

I’ll end here for now, nothing much new. Again thank you for keep visiting my place. So here’s wishing everyone a happy and safe celebration of our independence! Remember, freedom isn't free, so pray for the guys and girls out there paying for our freedom! Remember that the fireworks you may see remind us of, as our national anthem so eloquently states, “The bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.” A true symbol of independence worldwide.


Darlene said...

Wow ha sige diay na laag2 si loloy maong busy permi ang gitz hehhehehehe.Belated happy 4th of july nimo dinhaa dae lily.Ing ana pod akong anak parehas nimos igeg pangutana balik2 unya kapuyan ko sige tubag kay mao ra pangutanaha hehehe.
Godbless dae lily & enjoy sa inyong laag2.

Lily said...

Hello Darlene salamat sa comment and sa pag visit dinhe nako,glad to see u here. Oo ingon gyud ani ang mga kiddos especially almost three na siya,daghan kaau siya pangutana nga walay katapusan,kong unsa to ang last word nga mogawas sa imong baba sa imong tubag niya mao sab to ang iyang pangutana.makatwa ko kay perti kaayo ka curious unya usahay kapoy kaau tubag niya kay murag magbalik baik mi permi sa uno.mao nga akong ingnon nga Anak enough asking question go to your room and play or lets go read more books para mahuman iyang mga pangutana nga walay katapusan.enjoy baya ko pag mag sige siya og yawit,cute man gud kaau paminawon iyang mga panulti.o sige ha salamat mao lagi busy kaau si Loloy laag laag dinhe sa Europe. have a great week-end Dae Darlene.

irel said...

naglika na jdu mo ni loloy:) maayu pa mo oi nagsegi ug laag! bitaw day lily cute kaayu ang mga bata nga mangutana bisag kapoy itubnag permi kay magsegi nalang pod ug pangutana hahhahaha anyway have a good nyt mwah

ladyracs said...

WOW kasadya sa imong celebration dae Lily oi, haha naa pa gyud si Loloy, sya diay to imong gipaabot... Maayo noon nagmeet na gyud mo ni Loloy, whtaa fun and great celebration gyud with family and friends..

Kadaghan sab pagkaon oi, makabusog gyud da...thanks for sharing..

Rolly said...

starring man ko diri oy, starring pod ka sa ako blog, naanay update didto, bitaw lily, salamat kaayo sa imo pag-abiabi nako. salamat gyod ug dakong uyamot