14 January, 2007

New Year,New Adventures

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Hello Guys! Kumusta na kayong Lahat?Miss ko na talaga and bahay ko medyo matagal bago ako naka update sa mga Happenings namin,pasensya na kayo ha,pagod lang kasi ako marami pang ginagawa at medyo wala pa ring tulog na matino kasi ng maka uwi na kami nagkaroon si Jasmine ng ubo at sipon. kaya hanggang ngayon di pa si Jasmine ok lalo na sa gabi. pina-inom ko naman ng gamot kaya lang medyo matindi pa ang ubo at sipon ng baby ko. pati ako di maka tulog ng matino kaya ito kahit na 3:35 na ng umaga gising pa rin katutulog lang kasi ng baby ko. so ito medyo di pa makatulog at nag update na muna ako kahit kunti lang.mostly mga pictures na muna di ko pa nga na upload young iba kasi nasa laptop pa namin young iba so ito na muna. sa lahat pala ng bumisita sa bahay ko na kahit walang update... salamat sa mga messages ninyo kahit na di ako naka dalaw sa inyo, ang sarap talaga ng feeling pag nakikita ko mga message ninyo nakaka tanggal ng pagod ang mga note ninyo. Hayaan nyo pag may time na ako dadalawin ko rin kayong mga online friends ko.

Siyanga pala gusto ko lang magpasalamat Kay Carlota for making this Place of mine so Sweet Home. very pretty na talaga ang bahay ko, galing kasi ng interior decorator ko and designer. Carlota Thank you ,very very much for all the hardwork and for spending time making my place so Beautifull. I owe you a lot for this.Hugs and Kissess na lang sa friend ko na sobrang bait. Muah.......Thank you ulit ha.

Dami kong kwento,umpisahan ko na muna sa last day ng work ko I was very happy that finally it was over, nakakapagod talaga ang work na yon but its ok atleast may experience ako sa stocking department di bah. but for now ill settle na muna sa bahay di ko pa ata kaya ang magwork lalo na may baby pa ako na nag iintay sa gabi. medyo nagbago rin ang schedule ng tulog ng baby ko, for the first month I work.late na din siya matulog at mag nap. kaya lalo akong napagod sa umaga, din mister ko pagod din sa kay jasmine di kasi siya maka rest kay jasmine. so alam na niya ngayon na mahirap din pala mag alaga ng anak.

The 30th of December we hit the road going to Kaiserslautern, and my friend’s place. We were on the road for almost 4 hours, but we made it with no problems. Jasmine was good all the way to Kaiserslautern. We stayed there for almost two weeks. We were out most of the time, roaming around the area. We just didn’t do a lot of sightseeing since it rained the entire time. It’s hard to enjoy when it’s always raining. So we ended up eating and shopping or at the Kid’s Zone for Jasmine to enjoy herself.

On New Years Eve, we just watched some fireworks and had some Champagne to Celebrate the New Year and compliment the dinner. Hmmm....so much food that I gained even more pounds. The kids past out before midnight, so they missed the fireworks. However, we saved some for them to enjoy in the morning, as you can see on the photos. We plan to be back there in the summer so we could explore and experience the area more. Maybe then I’ll get the chance to meet Vicky and Malou. Too bad when I called Vicky she wasn't feeling good that day.

I have so much to be thankful for from above, 2006 was the best for me, and I had many wonderful surprises during the year. So many blessings from above to be thankful for. I met many friends online and learned about enjoying the blog world. It’s a wonderful feeling having friends from around the globe.

I'm also happy and content having my family with me all the time, and for having Jasmine in our life, which makes life more meaningful to us, and enjoyable. Jasmine has a lot of talent now. She amuses us everyday of her life. She has learned a lot now. What makes us amazed is that she is a quick learner, she now knows her ABCs, can now distinguish the shapes and colors and can count up to 20. No more stopping on 15 and say fifteen dollar. She can now sing a couple songs, her favorite for now is" Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” Then there are the times she is naughty little girl, she loves to say "Mine” a lot now. We’re always reminding her that it’s not all hers. She’s an amazing (and greedy) little princess.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for always leaving a note on my blog. Have to end here for now; I'll try to visit your places soon. Have a fun filled weekend; enjoy it with the family, friends, and other loved ones. Enjoy viewing the photos.


krystyna said...

Hi Lily!
I wish you a lot of blessings with your lovely Family! Jasmine is really Amazing Princess.

Honey said...

kagwapa ani imong blog Li oi. of course gwapa man sad ang tag-iya labi na jud ang anak dba? hehe! anyway, karon ra ko kavisit usab. wala man gud ko direct link ba. i have to go ur bravenet acct to come here kay unsaon puno naman akong links gud. 25 ra man kutob ang bravenet kuripot kaau pero agwantahon lang nako kay kapoy cge balhin balhin. i enjoyed Jasmine's pic. gwapa jud na bata. kiss ko niya Li. u all take care over there and regards to James as well. have a great week ninyo dha tanan.

ethel said...

Halo Lily ka gwapa jud sa imong dalaga ka kyuuut! hehehe

Ana P. S. said...

Hi Lily, I am making my rounds sa mga ning stopped by my blog niadto. Oy, dako na imong baby girl, she can count na up to 20, aba, lupig pa niya among dalaga dire. Anyway, may different circumstances sila hinuon. Hey, she is a cute one, pretty girl. You moved pala ha, I moved din. Ok ah, agi ra ko. Nice blog you have here, Carlota is kind to help you out dire ba-a good friend siya. Ok, take care, hugs sa baby mo from ours here.

MariK said...

Thank you for my anniversary greeting Lily. I'm glad you all had a happy new years. Your daughter is so darn cute with her new doll which is almost bigger than her!!

Lily said...

To Krstyna,Marissa,Ethel,Annap.s,Maryk Thank you all for the wonderfull comment and for always visiting my place. youre message and sweet words always appreciated. I'll visit your place soon.you all take care and have a great week.