25 December, 2006

The Party Princess

Jasmine busts a move or two.

Princess holding court.

Warm greetings to all, wishing you a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.
Just a quick update. Sorry for not updating my site lately. I've been very busy with work and the babies. And I have been too tired lately to sit and do something on the computer. Thank you all for the greetings and tags. I appreciate all your time visiting me here.

Anyway, just to give an update on our Christmas here. December 16th was hubby’s company Christmas party and we were there, not because of “Mr. Social”, but because I wanted to get out. We really had a blast eating and watching Jasmine go all dance crazy. I was so amazed that she joined the group of ladies for the line dancing. She did O.K. following their steps. Too bad I didn’t think about bringing our video camera. All the ladies there were so amazed with Jasmine, she entertained everyone that night, even the big boss’s wife was so happy seeing Jasmine on the dance floor.

With my working, I get so tired and that makes me too lazy to do anything. It’s only four days left and I’m done with it. Time for vacation in our friend’s place for two weeks.

Yesterday we went for mass then went to the store for more shopping. James is a crazy daddy sometimes; Saturday I caught playing with the toys with Jasmine. It seemed like he was having as much fun as her. What’s up with that? In the afternoon, I had a surprise call, Santa was very generous to me this year, and he gave me lot of surprise gifts this year, gifts that I never thought about. The Manager of the local department store called saying I won their raffle for gift card worth $200 dollars. I was so shocked. I never thought of winning, that $200 will come in handy on vacation. I am very thankful for all the blessings I had this year.

Today we all woke up so late, and got excited for the opening of the presents, especially me. Last night we let Jasmine open one present for the evening. She was so happy with her present and had fun with her live baby doll, who can talk, burp when full, who gets fussy when tired, sleeps when it’s time, and can poop. My hubby said “No way I’m changing both their diapers!” Of course, she only poops when you give her food. So I said just let Jasmine play and have fun taking care of her baby doll. We just won’t give her the special doll food. We asked her what to name her doll, but I guess she still has no idea how to name her. Today she was a very excited baby opening her presents. She got a Dora with a cash register. I said “Great, now she learns more about money.” Daddy said that Jasmine better not use that to learn how to ask for more money from him. Ha-Ha, He gets so crazy sometimes. I wonder if he really is that silly. She played a lot with her new toys now. We didn’t really do much on Christmas, as I told him I’m too tired to do anything, but I cooked some for dinner. There you go, our Christmas day! So much for the quick update, I've written an entire novel. Sorry!

Now it’s time for relaxing, no more rushing about for me.


vk said...

hi lily,
syalan man god ni, wa man ni nako nakita, pagbalik nako kay ako gi-update ang imong blog-site,
naa man bag-o nga post....lol..

sus ka gwapa imo jasmine uy....
really beautiful.........
angayan gyod kayo siya sa iya mga attire bya......

krystyna said...

Hi Lily!
How beautiful is your doughter! She looks like sweet princess. Great picts. Thanks for sharing.
Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true!

Carlotz said...

pagka cute naman ni princess Jasmine. pahuwama ta ana bi. hehehe.

glad to hear na enjoy mo sa inyong xmas. hahaha...Jasmine got that doll huh. i'm sure she'll learned something. :-)

ethel said...

HI Lily naa na diay ka sa blogspot maay ni kay sâ bravenet.
Ka kyut sa imong prinsesa uy, kyut kaayo sa iyang red dress :)
happy new year!

haze said...

wow naman sobran gcute ni baby princess mo.Nakig pa socialan pa cya anoh?hehehehe very ncie naman ni santa.Ohhhh kakatuwa cguro yang doll nang baby mo lily hehehehe.Anyway enyoy sa holidays nyo.Yupp!Time for relaxing jud...indulge ur self hehehe...take care and happy new year1

Honey said...

pagkagwapa sa imong lil princess Li oi. love all ur photos. thanks for the comment sa akong blog ha. i appreciate it. i know busy pod mo dha. just take ur time and enjoy the holidays with ur family. kisses to Jasmine and u all have a happy new year!

Lily said...

To all the ladies who visited me here,wanna say thank you for the nice thougths and kind comment in my place,for always visiting me here even though i didnt update that much this days. I am so happy seing all your presence in my place,and for that I wanna Thank you all very much. Vicky,Kristyna,Carlot'z,Ethel,Haze,Maryk,Dauph and Marissa. and to everyone else whom i didn't got to mention. Im off for now but be back soon.